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World Is Flat: Globalization Effect

Summary of the Seminar

To begin with it should be stated that Globalization is the tendency, which develops steadily and rapidly almost all over the world. The fact is that, even ten years ago level of globalization was close to zero, while nowadays it is rather high, and presupposes the use of global communication and mass media. It is necessary to highlight that internet and IT are the key tools for increasing the levels of globalization. Now, staying somewhere in India you can easily use Wi-Fi spot and have the access to Internet using your lap top, palm PC or smart phone, while ten years ago this could be only in dreams.

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Globalization had reasoned the appearing of numerous tendencies closely linked with it. Thus, outsourcing is widely used by the companies all over the world in order to save essential sums linked with resorting to particular activities. Thus, most companies prefer having call centers in developing States, where the labor laws are not as strict as in the USA.

Exchange programs are now widely spread, and students from all over the world have an opportunity to study in the best universities of Great Britain, Spain, USA, Canada, etc. People can get the work in any corner of the world, and in any company, as lots of Trans National Companies employ domestic workers for their abroad departments.

Technological advantage of the Twenty First century is obvious; however, it should be used properly in order to lead to success and further progress. Otherwise, consequences may be crucial.


The effect of globalization on any country is immense. It should be emphasized that globalization, and tendencies which it produces, are easy to observe, as they change the image of the country essentially. Using the opportunity of free travel and free education, lots of students from Near East, China and India come to enter the universities. They have video conferences and discuss the latest discoveries with their home universities and they are highly praised in their motherlands.

Studying of foreign language is no longer a problem. There is even no extreme necessity to travel in order to plunge into the language atmosphere, as global communication networks give an excellent opportunity to practice writing and communicative skills with native speakers. There is also an opportunity to get the remote education, which is also a matter of globalization. Originally, this tendency is widely spread; however, it is not as popular as student exchange program.

Taking into account the value of the information, it is necessary to mention that information became more achievable through internet and satellite TV. Surely, this opportunity splits people, as such a high level of information accessibility is a reason for different interpretation of information, and appearing of several opposing camps. On the other hand this is also an advantage, as there is an opportunity to estimate the information from different angles, and take into account several points of view.

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The transnational companies develop their activity on the territory of our country expanding their networks and creating thousands of jobs. They implement the innovative business strategies and provide an opportunity for other companies to increase their standards.

In conclusion it is necessary to highlight that globalization has touched almost every sphere of our everyday life, however, it is impossible to discuss even all central spheres in this short essay. On the one hand, globalization is the remedy for numerous problems, ob the other it is the reason of problems. Everything depends on the approach which is used.


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