The Effects of Globalization on Sports


Many years have passed over with worlds states struggling for better ways in which they can bring about beneficial integration through the globalization of many fields. The results of such struggles have yielded numerous changes mostly in the fields of technology and communication. The introduction of such globalize ways of things had many concerns to the world. The world expectations were all positives. Hence the world became modernized with technological materials which made it ease integrations of people from all over the world. Furthermore, modern world activities have become quicker, nearer, and easier than they had ever been. The improvement in communication means increased than it has never been before.

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If the olds generations can rise and see how things are happening, then they must admire to live for extra decades to enjoy the sumptuous services offered by the experts. It will be amazing for them to having a click of a button and exchange information almost instantly with all the people all the world. In addition, it would not be normal for them to realize the way other works are miraculously occurring speedily and easily. Therefore, it is not only the rate of information that has gone into transitions of fastness, but also the rate at which exchange of goods, services, and money were being performed in the early days that have also been affected. This means that the separation of people has remained only to be in spatial ways but the information exchanges have successfully been cleared off in the world. This sharing and hauling together of the world is what most people refer to as globalization. (Houlihan, 1990)

For many people in the world, globalization is the revolution of the future. Conversely, this is not true as globalization exists in the present day. It is also expected to grow further to a larger extent and in rapid manners as time goes on. So, for any action or deed on the earth has both advantages and disadvantages, the process of globalization is not excluded from the production of these two effects. The concept of globalization, therefore, contributes both positive and negative sides in the view of many people in different fields of work. This is because the positive and negative effects always affect many different characteristics of humankind. For instance, globalization would often affect culture which includes activities of sports and others as wells as the economy, and politics within a state. Therefore the issue of globalization combines two major aspects in the sense of industrial and information advancement. The developed countries have utilized the process of globalization in the wisest way to benefit their countries.

The American states have taken advantage of globalization as members of developed most of areas where they would benefit largely. The reports from many types of research have depicted that most countries that are developed do to take the advantage of globalization in terms of market expansion for their goods and service. It is also surprising that they do take the advantage of the poor countries especially in Africa and Asian continents to exploit the countries for the provision of cheap labors sources for their industries. This has created heated debates both locally and internationally. The Americans feel that at these firsts point there are dangers on the employment of such people who come from other parts of the worlds to work peanuts wages and salaries. The employees of American citizens feel that globalization has sunk their rights of receiving their due salaries due to the importation of employees from a foreign land. The champion labor which also has little knowledge of other benefits such as medical allowance and insurance allowances does make many companies in the state settle for the cheeps. The phenomenon has made many indigenous citizens of American remain jobless or be casual workers. The issue is thus fore causing many citizens to remains udders the apt poverty in the United States

However, the impacts of globalization in the United States have not received many controversies in the issues of sports. The exploitation of the process of globalization by the Americans in these fields remains below. This does not mean that American does not flourish in the departments of sport. Many people wonder why they do not want to take such advantages of globalization to appear in these topmost ranks in sports. This is not because they just want to develop on technology and leave out supporting work at ruin. Although the Americans have much development d on technology work which has led to the globalization of the states, this has enabled it to provide many numerous jobs to the people from other countries. However, the lack of utilizing globalization in sports can be viewed from wide dimensions in the economic consideration as well as in the political view.

The Impact of Globalization on Sports

In sports, many countries of the European continents have taken high opportunities to utilize such chances. Numerous clubs from these European states do acquire players from countries within and even outsides their surrounding. There are thousands of players from the African and Asian continent who play professionally in those clubs of Europe. This has made many European cities and countries develop as centers of sports. With such development, many people from all over do visit such places for recreation and refreshment which contributes to the economic development of the country.thus for Europeans the globalization of sports has benefits on the growth of the economy through the gains of foreign exchanges. Hargreaves, 2000)

The issues of globalizing sports can quite easily be of benefit to Americans. However, this can only happen after the alteration of some changes in the issues of sports personnel transfers. When people are imported from one country to another in the global world of today for professional play, the country may not directly benefit. This is because many professional players who get involved in sports do not bring direct benefit to the country. This is because there is not a direct benefit of this exploitation of players. Fact that many sports involve a play team forms barriers to the importation s players from the world. Many sporting activities involve team works. Teams are paid in unified a manner which means that the working of teams does receive the facts of exploitation from the international liberal trades. Like any other trades transaction, the payment of these players makes many Americans in the economics fields to fears this commitment to these activities involving sports.

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This is because this paid amount will be deposited in the foreign countries from which these players haul. Such foreign flow from the country as a result of payment from services industries for Americans makes them lose money values. The Americans therefore avoiding falling into the pit of economic difficulties through such speculated expenses. the moment currency is drawn from these states, the currency avulses which it upholds in the international and makes may drop thus the payments which these Americans avoid are aimed at maintaining high value in this currency in the global markets. A further reason for the lack of motivation in the importation of these sports players to the American states is that there are those benefits that are entitled to the players such as medical cares services as well as housing and insurances services are due to be provided. There are many demands essential services which are necessary for good s sporting persons. If the American imports sporting personnel’s who will be paid for such services and provided for the above allowances, the Americans will have to alter theory budgetary allocation of in this sector which provides those services. As a result of this, the government of American has to encore additional unnecessary costs. This has profound impacts on both governments and other related organizations like the medical health provides and these pharmaceutical companies on the productions of goods and these services they provide. (Houlihan, 1990)

Globalization involved working together with people from different parts of the world. The world today is full of politics. The American has for long times remains these centered of politicians experts. Many people politically enable areas on trembling grounds. The sensitivity of people from other countries who come to the American states faces many political blocks. These Americans political being very much centered their safety, politicians haves raised many constitutional requirements which are imposed by the laws of the states. This is to maintain the states in these safes parts of the world. Thus consideration, these levels of the benefits from sporting activities and the damages which can be brought, the Americans have invented the ways to control such invasion of players to these states. Further, the globalization of sports issues has been affected by these politicians in these area campaigns for powers as well as tour the benefits of American citizens. Although it is noted that many people in poor countries are talented in the fields of sports, very few gains these chances to explore their talent in America. This is because the politicians have always connected the problems of terrorism with those countries from the African and Asian continents where the European events have occurred. The issue often wrung to the people of American by the politicians has contributed a lot to these minimal concerns on the offering the globalize sporting works to takes places in America. (Cowen, 2002)

There are even more impacts 2hichc the politicians’ haves in the view of globalizing sporting. Many politicians’ fears that the inclusions of sporting personnel are in these American sates may gain the opportunities for political challenge’s spotters are quite much influential in many away of lives. These fears of political aspirants who look forwards to a bright future would always want to remain in the position of power. This introduction of people habits such creditable influences to these people is argues as ways of losing prominences to these outside worlds. The people in the political areas then try to prevent the loss of worlds fame. The achievement of the youths also makes many people who are in the foreign countries face it hard from gaining the advantages of popularity for which the political arena is quite well is marred. Politically, the Americans also would not likes these disclosures of states to people who would be in a position for working in different countries as expected with these cases of many people in the sporting world. This person is quite exposed to different worlds in which experiences diverse kinds of political e3nviiromentesn. The notion that many countries have unstable political grounds which are prone to frequent obvious makes many political to discourage the issues of having players in the states. Like the angles, the globalize of sports can creates any alarm of fruit of uncouth politics which would affect the stability of politicians in the United States. The politicians on sports are not minimal in many countries concerning the leaders of different clubs as well the general power dissemination among members of the clubs. Such trends are not limited to affects the sported sectors if globalization on sports has to be magnified.

Many people from other countries have succeeded better than the Americans indigenous in these fields of sport. However, since globalization took place, the Americans have not developed much intensity on relying on people from other countries. This is because globalization has always resulted in this interaction of people. This creates opportunities for people from different parts of these worlds to acts freely in the world of sports. The fact that these opportunities where people come and stay in place for long periods whether working or unprofessional sporting can have both positives and negatives effects. The interaction of people from the outsides world of America is obvious depicts to bring new trends in sports. From these studies of many research, many sports players who migrate to foreign countries intermarriages with those native peoples of the countryside. From these reports, there are enormous changes that have occurred in those countries where rampant imports of players have taken place. The European countries have been the most affected countries with the productions of many who have white diverse characteristics from these indigenous peoples. Mostly, the intermarriages have produced these intermediates on the players. Hence, the levels of play improvement have been moderate and constantly affected. (Houlihan, 1990)

The effects which have affected these countries have created many interests in the American states. The view of many geneticists and molecular biologists has firmly been indicating that these Americans have genetic materials which are quite far different from these other people. These sporting departments have the views that this generation is in the situation of having a better level in the sporting grounds. The claim is that many young men do not put effort into practicing the different games from which they can emerge the best in these worlds sports competitions. They have further indicates that the Africans and these Asian bodily structures are not better suited for sports than the Americans. The only difference with is distinguishable from the world’s people is the only lies with the skin color. However, there are other distinguishing features that have been quite outstanding in sports and are compound in the genetic work of the Americans. This gives the Americans added advantages when it comes to sports.

They have highly developed sight views and long trunk bodies which are great areas suitable for performing fantastic long jumps. Hence in the preservation of these features, the Americans do not doubt that have resisted the world of globalization in sports. However, from other perspectives of studies, the globalization of sports through such changes in the American people will have many great advantages in the sporting field. Many sports players from African countries have developed quite highly muscular bodies which are strong enough for sporting chores. Thus, most Africans and several Asians have for many years dominated the world sports competitions especially in the fields of athletics. So, the interactions of Americans with other people through globalize process may make them produce a generation with such muscular people, who would improve these performances of the Americans in the sporting fields. (Hargreaves, 2000)


Hargreaves, J. (2000): the changing politics of sports: Cambridge University press.

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Houlihan, B. (1990): sports, powers and culture.

Cowen, T. (2002): Creative Destruction of Globalization: Princeton University Press.

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