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The website that was selected for evaluation is and as the name suggests, it is mainly about belief. The major topics that are highlighted are those on inspiration, spirituality and faith. The topics on faith and prayer explain how prayer can be used to get solutions in times of need.

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The purpose of the site is to guide the daily walk of individuals in their spiritual lives. Various faiths are mentioned and they include Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and many other faiths. An individual needs to select his or her specific faith in order to get a link to an appropriate web page. The website also seeks to provide inspiration to their clients (Waldman and Nylen, p. 2). The inspiration comes in form of other people’s inspiring stories. The weekly inspiration features provide the inspirational stories for the week. The site also provides individuals with a quiz that is meant to test the person’s self-esteem. The site also touches on health issues that include the emotional health, physical health and weight loss issues.


Steve Waldman and Robert Nylen founded the website in 1999. The information that is provided by the website tells more than what one would find in an encyclopedia. Most of the information found there is based on facts from various researches. The site contains a blend of information from various experts in different fields that include religion and health.

The source of the site is authoritative since the information is obtained from the best spiritual teachers and clergy around the globe. Legitimate authors such as Patricia Spadaro have written some of the articles.


This website is useful to many kinds of users since there is a variety of information that touches on various aspects of life. The largest groups of individuals that would benefit from the site are the religious groups. It is largely a religious site and it provides a lot of information on spirituality. Other people who would benefit from the site are those who have low self-esteem. The site provides inspirational material to uplift people’s spirits. Such words of comfort and hope inspire many and are useful for instilling hope to the hopeless. Financial inspiration can also be accessed and this helps those who are seeking to gain financial breakthroughs in one way or another. Other people who may benefit are those who have health issues-whether emotional or physical. The site suggests various solutions to life’s situations.

The site also links to other sites such as Curves, which provides some of the ways in which one could easily loose weight by burning up to 500 calories within thirty minutes while at the same time strengthening the entire body. This shows that the site is legitimate since it talks of health issues such as body weight and at the same time provides a site that one could visit in order to find help on the issue of body weight.

The information that is found in the web page ranges from those that talk on spirituality, faith and inspiration. The site also strives to connect all the aspects with spirituality. The information on health touches on how one could cope with such illnesses as arthritis. Useful tips are also provided on the management of diabetes and pain. Emotional health is also addressed vividly. The information on spirituality includes some of the accounts in the religious books and some tips on how to pray. Different types of prayers are provided for different purposes and include prayers for jobs, money and health. In conclusion, it is right to say that this website is useful to many individuals from different faiths and is a helpful tool to many physically and emotionally hurting individuals.

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