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29 Leadership Secrets from Jack Welch

The concept of visionary leadership

Principle 1: Utilize organizational change to maximize operational effectiveness.

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Principle 2: Make sure that your chosen leadership style corresponds to objective reality.

Principle 3: Never think of process of management as such has to value in itself.

Principle 4: Never embark on designing leadership methods, without possessing a clear vision of how these methods might affect organization’s overall performance.

Principle 5: Apply a variety of business strategies to simultaneously accomplish a few goals at the time, instead of being focused on pursuing a single goal only.

Principle 6: Take special care of the employees that think of organization’s corporate values as their own.

Strategic approaches to increase the effectiveness of organizational change

Principle 7: Always think of providing new professional opportunities for the employees.

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Principle 8: Never forget observing market developments.

Principle 9: Remember – cutting corporate expenses to a minimum is one of the most important keys to managerial success.

Principle 10: Fully utilize organizational recourses to get ahead in business.

Principle 11: Use such psychological tools as “empowerment”, within a context of increasing workers’ professional adequacy.

Principle 12: Do not hesitate incorporating the most effective managerial methods into the core of organization’s business activity, regardless of their ideological origins.

Principle 13: Think global!

Bringing the element of democracy into organization’s business philosophy

Principle 14: “De-bureaucratise” organization.

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Principle 15: Adjust organization’s business activity to correspond to the notions of speed, self-confidence and simplicity.

Principle 16: Imagine you are in charge of running a small commercial enterprise.

Principle 17: Do not limit your company’s operations to certain economic or organizational boundaries.

Principle 18: Allow workers to realize their professional potential at workplace.

Principle 19: Always consider employees’ opinions on different aspects of company’s functioning.

Principle 20: Make sure you maintain close social contact with workers.

Innovative ideas about leadership, within a context of sustaining organizational growth

Principle 21: Accomplishing goals is good but exceeding these goals is even better.

Principle 22: Always consider maintaining the highest quality of final product as your organization’s foremost task.

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Principle 23: Ensure that workers are being concerned about the quality as much as you are.

Principle 24: Instil the understanding of six sigma concept into every employee.

Principle 25: Create preconditions for the customers to be always satisfied with the quality of goods and services your company offers.

Principle 26: Never forget to expand the scope of your organization’s operations.

Principle 27: Never overlook the advantages associated with the concept of e-commerce.

Principle 28: Always consider the implications of existing business going online.

Principle 29: Think of utilization of e-commerce as the ultimate instrument of combating organizational stagnation, closely associated with the company’s functioning being subjected to bureaucratic control.

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