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ABC Employees’ and Employers’ Perspectives

Australian Broadcast Corporation (ABC) is one of the main news deliverers on the continent. As any other successful and developing company, ABC cares greatly about its employees and employers, as from the quality of their work, from the level of their knowledge and abilities depend and the quality of the broadcasted news all over the country and the appreciation of the company by the consumer of the information. Being a developing company, ABC creates different perspectives, both for employers and employees with the aim to improve the quality of the delivered news.

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Employers’ perspective

One of the main perspectives for the employer is the requirement to maintain journalistic standards whether it is on one or multiple platforms. In other words, the employers of the ABC should be ready to provide some standards to the broadcast work, as the standards are the main issues for the control, planning, and organization, which in their turn, make the work of the company better and with the highest level of quality and success (Sparks & Tulloch, 2000, p.45). The standards, created by the employers of the ABC, will create some criteria for the work, for the new employees hiring, and that is rather effective and will help to structure the work of all employees of the ABC.

Thus the challenge is to try to drive journalistic ownership of the quality assurance process, some evidence of initiatives, which allow this, include (1) setting up of the learning and development department in HR and (2) change in editorial processes. ABC cares about the development of HR, and the tactics and the programs, which are organized, are the best proofs that employers think about the work their personnel the ABC company developed the value-set for the human resources with the aim that they should obtain some qualities, which are necessary for the work, such as integrity, respect, collegiality, and innovation (ABC 2009, p.110). Furthermore, the changes in the society should lead to some changes in the editorial process as the social requirements are rather different now from those, which were some years ago and the change of the opinion and the views of the editors should be provided according to the new time.

The other requirement is to drive innovation within the individual such as the organization is better able to take advantage of the market in an increasingly competitive environment. In other words, ABC employers should care about the providing of innovations in producing news in the competitive surrounding. The online broadcast should be taken as an example, as not many companies practice this. The online broadcast will increase the audience and widen it, which is rather important (ABC 2009).

Employees’ perspective

From a work continuity perspective, some journalists and editors will feel these changes are in conflict with the role they “signed up for” (The ABC Board 2008), institutionalized in bureaucratic approval processes and risk aversion to take advantage of the new creative license. The situation may appear that the innovations, which will be provided by the employers, from the point of view of their perspectives, will create some difficulties in the work of the staff, as these new responsibilities may not be part of the labor contract, which was signed for. The problem may appear with the responsibilities, which were discussed earlier and those, which are provided now.

From a journalistic school perspective, some staff will feel reinvigorated as this shift to freedom and ownership is precisely why they got into journalism in the first place. The ability to freely introduce the personal point of view on this or that news and by means, this or that technique is the most valuable for the journalists or editors. The example of the favorable effect of freedom may be observed in the situation when the journalist praised the opportunity of writing three stories and creating two videos per one day (ABC 2009). One more opportunity is provided by the employers to help the employees is the ability to provide the materials online by the audience. In such a way, the audience helps the journalists by the information support and the new talents may be found, as the service is available for all. The audience not just leaves the information, but may arrange the information in any form and leave comments on this or that affair.

So, it may be concluded, that perspectives of either employers or employees are the plans, which should be transferred into life. Some of the employers’ perspectives in the nearest future should be journalistic standards, learning, and development department in HR, and change in editorial processes, and the innovations should be provided in the competitive environment. From the point of view of employees, the nearest perspectives should be directed on continuity and freedom, which means that employees should be given just the tasks, which are of their direct responsibility and the ability to possess more freedom during the news creation.

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