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Options Consulting Solutions Company’s Performance Management

Options Consulting Solutions is a recruiting firm headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. The firm was started more than two decades ago. The start was small but to-date, OCS has grown into a full-service recruitment establishment providing the clients with qualified personnel candidates (OCS n.pag.).

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Performance management purpose

Judging by the interview, the company’s goals are compliant with involving all employees in the enhancement of the enterprise’s performance. At the baseline, the purpose of the company’s performance management system is to facilitate decision-making concerning the wages and promotions, identify those who lag behind and hold them accountable, individual and organizational goal alignment, and individual growth of the employees (Aguinis 3).

Such a position largely corresponds with what is outlined in the textbooks: indeed, the process of managing performance in Options Consulting Solutions is continuous, as indicated by the fixed intervals the employees’ work is evaluated (Interviewee Lastname). The organizational mission and goals are to create successful partnerships between the employers and the candidates provided by Options Consulting Solutions (OCS, n.pag.). These goals are aligned with those of each individual employee that seeks to provide the client with the best candidates for a job. The employees analyze the candidates in terms of compliance to the skills requested by the client, the willingness to work for a wage within the specified limits, and the non-financial interest in taking the job. The firm’s objective, at that, is to find perfect matches working simultaneously with the clients and the job candidates; this collective goal is achieved because the employees’ goals are consistent with the organizational. Through the system of appraisals and evaluations, the company singles out the best performers and increases accountability, which is another principle of performance management Options Consulting Solutions follows.

Employees’ motivation

The measurement, evaluation, and appraisal system is one of the practices adopted by Options Consulting Solutions to motivate the employees and facilitate the consistency of the goals. The measurements, logically, concern the work outcomes as well as the personal and professional traits of each individual employee. The interview revealed that “everything is important in measurements” (Interviewee Lastname). Such an approach demonstrates the employees are valued not only as workers and professionals but as distinct personalities.

The employees’ performance is measured by the clients they interact with. The satisfaction rates and the constructive feedback provided by the clients are as important as the employees’ success rates. When a new employee comes, the evaluation of their performance occurs on certain dates, with the interval changing the longer the employee works with the company. The workers are aware their performance is being measured and evaluated. However, as the interviewee stated, the employees are not expected to tie up the loose ends right before the evaluation (Interviewee Lastname). The employees are aware that they are being evaluated but the company has to build a relationship with every individual employee, which is equally important for efficient functioning. Apart from the fact that client’s measurements and evaluations keep track on the employees’ efficiency, they also motivate the employees to perform better.

The incentives the company offers their employees consist of days off and other benefits. Once a year, the company holds an appraisal of the employees to recognize the performance of these individuals (Interviewee Lastname). This is another motivational factor as it shows the employees they are valued by the company and their work and contribution to the company’s prosperity are acknowledged.

Organizational contacts

Options Consulting Solutions has more than 4500 clients (i.e., the establishments the company recruits staff for) (OCS n.pag.). At the company’s website, one can find out that it deploys a generalist approach, which means the staffing matches are conducted for both the public and private sectors. The company recruits employees to perform on every level, from the entry to the C-Suite, and is able to find suitable candidates for any industry and any contract type. Using its extensive database, the company can satisfy all the clients’ skills requirements, including foreign language proficiency (OCS n.pag.). From that, one can reason that Options Consulting Solutions has a vast network of clients ad an even vaster one of the candidates.

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Still, when asked about the relationships with the clients, the interviewee stated that establishing contact can bring mixed results. While some of the employers are willing to cooperate, others are reported not to have time for this (Interviewee Lastname). Although the unevenness of the cooperation is understandable, it seems to present a point of concern.

The company’s progress at building the client base and creating a credible image is evident, considering that it was started in 1991 with four employees (OCS n.pag.). The growth and the rapid expansion of the network and the candidate database was achieved as a result of the successful mission implementation and the viable strategy of human capital distribution. Considering the scope of service today, the response rates from the clients are within normal and do not need improvement. However, if the company is willing to grow and compete on the global scale, the contact base should be further expanded.

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