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“After the Ball” and “Wedding Ringer Movies” Comparison


It is been a while since I saw some spectacular romantic comedy. The recent ones are not engaging at all. Considering my intelligibility about good movies, I can only allocate two: “After the Ball” and the “Wedding Ringer”. Now, I want to share with you the impression.

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Main body

“After the Ball” is a film about a young designer, Kate, who cannot find a job due to her father’s fame. Lee Kassel, Kate’s father, is an owner of a well-known clothing brand. Nevertheless, Kate is a talented designer, all couturier houses reject her candidacy as she may be a fashion spy. So, she decides to go work for her father. Unfortunately, not everyone in Kassel’s corporation shares the optimism of her decision. When Kate’s mother died, Lee married again. Now, the general director is Lee’s second wife. Positions of leading designers took his daughters from the second marriage. They are a lack talent and hate Kate for no obvious reason (“After the Ball” par. 1). Fortunately, she meets there Daniel, a shoe designer, who helps her to fight against her stepsisters’ and stepmother’s intrigues.

“The Wedding Ringer” is a movie about a young and successful tax attorney, Doug Harris. When he was a child his family was moving a lot due to the specifics of his father’s job. Doug had no chance to get any close friends as he changed many schools. Luckily, he met Gretchen whom he is going to marry soon. The date of the wedding is set, the preparation is underway, but Doug is missing the main attribute, his groomsmen. He ensured Gretchen that he has many friends, but it turns out that he does not have any. Thus, he finds Jimmy Callahan’s company, which supplies best man services. After much persuasion and bribe, Jimmy agrees to provide Doug with seven fake best men (“The Wedding Ringer” par. 1). Here the fun begins. Towards the day of the wedding, Doug and Gretchen understand that their ceremony can become a total disaster.

Comparing these two movies, it is difficult to find anything in common except the enduring will to be happy and beloved. Kate is fighting with her stepmother and stepsisters to earn a place in her father’s company and to recover his trust. She invents an extraordinary way to do it. Kate disguises herself as the rising star of the fashion industry and tries to behave as he would. And, finally, she persuades her father in fraud intentions of his wife. Doug hires an expensive counterfeit best man because he does not want to disappoint his fiancé, the only close person in his life. When everything goes wrong, both Kate and Doug must confess and ask forgiveness. Fortunately, in both cases, their beloved people understood and forgave them after a while.

However, there is something in common between “After the Ball” and “The Wedding Ringer”, the number of contrasts is countless. ”After the Ball” reminded me of Cinderella’s story. Actually, it is a modern interpretation of Cinderella. At the end of the film, Daniel finds Kate putting a shoe on her foot, which she has lost. Meanwhile, “The Wedding Ringer” movie does not have any subtext, but it teaches us that any obstacle can be overcome.


These movies are good for relaxing and laughing at awkward and funny moments. In my opinion, good romantic comedy should give lightness at heart and a pleasant aftertaste, like good chocolate. After watching these ones, I definitely had this feeling, so I would recommend you to watch them.

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