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Aircraft System and Becoming an Imct

Nowadays, it is not possible to imagine life without business trips, transportation of goods, and military operations that take place without the help of aviation. All professionals who work in the aircraft field, including mechanics, technicians, pilots, engineers, and transportation specialists, play an important role in maintaining the aircraft system. For instance, Ernest K. Gann claimed that “anyone can do the job when things are going right. In this business, we play for keeps” (203). Despite the high responsibility and risks, I decided to become an IMCT student because I have always loved planes, and some moments of my life helped to reveal that passion.

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My passion for aircraft and everything related to it started when I was eight years old. Therefore, I began to read as many encyclopedias about planes as it was possible. After some time passed, my area of expertise ranged from the brief history of aircraft to technical information on particular models of planes. I remember how it was to find out the Wright brothers’ story, who constructed the first successful airplane named Kitty Hawk in 1903 (McCullough 156).

At that moment, I had been dreaming of using a time machine and joining the process of designing, construction, and testing to triumph over fear and height and create my chapter in history. I also remember reading technical books about planes engaged in WW II aerial battles. Then I had been asking my parents to buy new model kits to build and paint the tiny versions of planes that amazed me most, like North American P-51 Mustang.

It should be also mentioned that my uncle worked as an aircraft mechanic, and he was the one who sparked my interest. He always creates the impression of a confident and experienced professional who does not fear to face any challenges. I enjoyed exciting stories told by him about the essence of his work, funny and dangerous moments he experienced, and explanations on how modern planes operate. Despite being too young, I already knew that aircraft mechanics should preserve the operating condition of an airplane performing maintenance, inspections, and making needed repairs. I had also learned the aircraft hierarchy, the obligations every professional has, and the ways of communication with each other.

Hence, I also realized early that all aircraft professions are highly interconnected and essential because a successful flight requires efforts from many individuals starting from airplane constructors to ticket agents. That is why I never had impossible dreams as children usually have. I just was sure to pick any profession connected with aircraft because I liked planes and wanted to be like my uncle.

Another reason to become an IMCT student is my rich experience traveling by aircraft. The majority of journeys took place when I was a teenager and traveled together with my relatives. Some trips were long-lasting, like our flight to China, which required more than thirteen hours being on board. Nevertheless, I never felt bored or frightened of flying aircraft, as many people do. I like take-off because it is the moment when passengers can feel the power of engines and witness the victory of humankind over gravity. Moreover, I even liked staying at the airport waiting for the postponed flight because it was a chance to observe how everything works.

However, the most significant moment was a flight to Paris four years ago. My parents and I found our seats, the plane took off, and everything was all right. Then, in thirty minutes, everything inside abruptly started to shake because the airplane was tossed from side to side by the air. It was the first time when I gave in panic and fear, but almost immediately, I heard the calm voice of the captain. He explained to passengers that it is only a little turbulence, and there is no need to panic. The flight attendants were also calm and tried to reassure passengers that everything is all right. The pilot finished our flight with a perfect landing, and people were expressing gratitude. It was a moment when many passengers decided not to fly again, but I was excited by the professionalism and calmness of the crew for whom turbulence was just a natural process.

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Another moment is not about my own experience but something that impressed me. It was a film Sully directed by Clint Eastwood and released in 2016. This film tells the story of Airbus A320, which lost all engine power due to collision with a flock of Canadian geese in 2009 (Sully 46:10). As a result, this accident was called “The Miracle on Hudson” because the pilots made the right choice to glide the plane on the Hudson River instead of trying to reach any airport. To my mind, such pilots as Jeffrey Skiles and Chesley Sullenberger are real heroes, and young people who want to be successful in their future profession should look up to them.

To conclude, I decided to dedicate my professional life to aircraft and become an IMCT student based on my interests and experience. My love for planes and my uncle’s example was the main driver that helped me realize what I want to do for the rest of my life. My rich air travel experience brought a chance to observe how aircraft system work, and story about turbulence and “The Miracle on Hudson” profoundly shaped me into a student now interested in IMCT.

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