Almagro University’s Website: Needs & Requirements

Technological progress certainly makes our life easier, yet in some spheres, it also causes issues and delays. The problem Almagro University is facing these days is one of the typical issues that happen in the contemporary world when various institutions attempt to change their policies in order to fit into the rapidly progressing society. Change and innovation in the world of management are widely resisted at the initial stages because they may cause discomfort and the need to learn and adjust to the new conditions (Lussier 204). In such situations, managers are to find ways how to lead their employees and customers through the change and make the process of adjustment simpler and less uncomfortable (Lussier 86). Almagro University is currently in need of a website that would replace the crowded and frustrating chain of sites that disorientate the students and weaken the University’s reputation and brand experience.

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To solve this problem in the most effective way, the University requires a professional IT team that would be responsible for the development of one website designed to replace the unnecessary portals and attract all the students and customers, gathering them all in one popular network. The creators are to make an easy-to-use and presentably looking website with a user-friendly interface, working as a social network and a news portal. It needs to contain user-specific content divided between tabs so that students of different programs and faculties have separate pages.

Another crucial aspect of this mission is research. A group of assigned people needs to collect information about the requirements for the new website. For that, it is proposed to interview the students of different faculties and the staff about the information they most frequently request at the University portals. Such data collection could be conducted by means of a questionnaire. This involves the employees and clients, which is a management tactic for overcoming change resistance (Lussier 205). Besides, the group of researchers could visit some of the most popular among the already existing AU websites and evaluate their advantages and disadvantages to improve the efficiency of the new website and avoid possible mistakes in the organization. The new website has to answer the needs of users of all kinds and contain all the needed content.

One more important aspect of this task is to promote the new website so that the users visit it more often and prefer it to other sites. New things are often treated with uncertainty in management. To overcome change resistance, a manager is to create a win-win situation (Lussier 204). In Almagro University’s situation, this could be the necessity to add important material and information to the new website’s content. For example, the tutors could post the grades there so that without visiting the website, the students would not be able to check them. As a result, both sides win –the site gains users, and the users obtain the required information. Of course, more universal means of promotion such as advertisement also could help. The address of the new website should be posted and promoted on the campus. Most importantly, the website could contain textbooks and materials necessary for studying, but to use them, students would have to create personal accounts on the site.

Finally, the new website is to be properly administered and frequently updated so that the users always receive the best and latest news in the content. This would help the users feel supported and appreciated and eventually result in an increase in conversion rates.

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