Alternative Fuels to Gasoline: Why Do We Need Them?


Additionally to traditional petroleum-grounded fuels, there are lots of different categories of alternative fuels attainable nowadays. While the technology and application may differ, they all provide an option to oil concentrating on renewable resources.

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The central aim of fuel is to stock up energy that is steady and can be simply transferred from the place of manufacture to the target user which assists in lots of ways such as transport. Almost all fuels are chemicals, that amass chemical potential power. The final user is then capable to use the fuel at will, and discharge power, generally in the form of heat for a diversity of applications, such as powering an engine or heating a building.

Why it is Necessary

In 2007, there were 1.8 million alternative fuel motor vehicles sold in the USA, revealing growing regard for alternative fuels. There is an increasingly apparent financial and political necessity for the expansion of alternative fuel resources. This is because of general ecological, financial, and geopolitical apprehensions of sustainability. (Kamerschen, 2003)

The most important ecological apprehension, in accordance with an IPCC statement, is that “Most of the noted increase in worldwide averaged temperatures since the mid-20th century is due to the observed increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations”. Since aflame fossil fuels are considered to increase the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere, they are a probable contributor to global warming.

Other anxieties which have fueled insist rotate around the concept of Peak oil, which forecasts increasing fuel prices as manufacture rates of petroleum enters an incurable decline. In accordance with the Hubbert peak conjecture, when the fabrication levels peak, demand for oil will surpass provide and without appropriate alleviation, this gap will go on growing as production decreases, which could reason a huge energy disaster. (Reitze, 2002)

Finally, the preponderance of the known petroleum reserves is located in the middle east. There is a universal concern that universal fuel scarcities could strengthen the unrest that exists in the region, causing further divergence and warfare.

In an effort to augment demand for substitute fuels in the USA, the IRS started permitting citizens to assert special tax praise for using alternative fuels, regarded as the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Credit. The description used for option fuel under this credit is Any fuel enclosing at least 85 percent of one or more of ethanol, natural gas, condensed natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, or hydrogen; or any combination which consists of two or more of biodiesel, diesel fuel, or kerosene, and at least 20% of which contains biodiesel.

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The fabrication of alternative fuels can have extensive results. For instance, the manufacture of corn-based ethanol has made an augmented demand for the feedstock, resulting in increasing prices in almost everything made of corn. Nevertheless, in a bloodthirsty free market, an augmented supply of ethanol decreases the demand for conventional fuels, and thus decreases fuel prices. The ethanol production enables agricultural surpluses to be applied to alleviate fuel deficiencies.

Almost all of the petroleum we use for transport is fabricated from petroleum. Gasoline and diesel fuel explanation for all but about one-fourth of one percent of California’s transporting fuel. Most California gasoline consists of a small quantity of ethyl alcohol, which augments the oxygen content of the gasoline for cleaner flaming. (Lareau, 2002)

The fact that California is about 100 percent reliant on petroleum for transportation could reason a serious, matter, as it did in 1973 and 1979 when the gas contribution was restricted and the prices increased.

  • California’s reliance on petroleum makes us susceptible to price and supply disturbances.
  • Air excellence apprehensions have augmented the significance of substitute fuels and expanded transportation technologies like electric engines.
  • By augmenting alternative fuel applications, such as natural gas and electricity, customers have fuel selections that struggle with gasoline and diesel, broaden the supply foundation, and have inferior environmental contacts.

Natural gas is the essential energy resource for some alternatives to petroleum. On the one hand, this is excellent as most of the natural gas people use comes from the United States itself. And currently, there seems to be an abundant supply of natural gas. So, the delivery of natural gas is comparatively stable and dependable. Alternatively, natural gas is a non-renewable fuel, like petroleum and coal, and so, it too will someday be used up if humanity continues to use it in huge amounts.


Renewable energy is power from renewable resources such as wind energy, solar light, tidal energy, geothermal energy, hydropower, or thermal depolymerization. Biofuels are also regarded as renewable if their foundation is sustainable. Though renewable power is used frequently to produce electrical energy, it is often supposed that some form of renewable energy or at least sustainable energy is applied to make alternative fuels.

Biomass in the energy manufacture sphere submits to living and lately dead biological material which can be applied as fuel or for the industry.

Methanol and ethanol are characteristically not the most important resources of energy; nevertheless, they are suitable fuels for stockpiling and transporting energy. These alcohols can be applied in internal burning engines such as supple fuel vehicles with minor alterations.

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Hydrogen as a fuel has been offered to have the ability to make a hydrogen financial system. Nevertheless, there is no available natural reserve of unjoined hydrogen, since what little there is exists in Earth’s outer atmosphere. Consequently, hydrogen for application as fuel must first be manufactured using another energy resource, creating it a means to transport power, rather than an energy resource, comparable to a rechargeable battery.

Nuclear power is any nuclear technology made to extract functional energy from atomic nuclei via regulated nuclear reactions. The most general method today is through nuclear fission, though other techniques entail nuclear fusion and radioactive decompose. Nowadays, more than 15% of the world’s electrical energy originates from nuclear power, over 150 nuclear-powered marine vessels have been engineered, and a few radioisotope missiles have been created.


In the contemporary world, where the oil reserves may end within the following few decades, renewable and alternative fuels remain the only option for the future of humanity.


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