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Biofuels and Fossil Fuels as Alternative Energy


Every organism requires energy to function (Concepts of Biology, n.d.). The technological inventions made throughout history require energy as well. In the era of advances and improvements, the life of every individual becomes more comfortable; however, the environment suffers. Nowadays, the vast majority of people have a car, and the level of air pollution is impressively high. The primary purpose of the paper is to compare and contrast biofuels and fossil fuels and to evaluate whether biofuels can be considered as the alternative source of energy.

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Global warming and the greenhouse effect are the consequences of the adverse impact on the environment. It should be stressed, that car are one of the most dangerous sources of air pollution (Concepts of Biology, n.d.). Fossil fuels and biofuels are commonly discussed nowadays. The vast majority of people tend to believe that biofuels are the alternative to fossil ones that do not contribute to environmental pollution. However, is it so? Ethanol and biodiesel can be considered as two options to fossil fuels. Corn is used for ethanol production. Although it is made of plants, it does not reduce the emissions to the minimum as it is usually mixed with gasoline for a better economy. The mixed substance is called E85 (because there will be 85 percent of ethanol). The price of fossil fuel is bigger; however, an individual that uses biofuel will fill the car more often. E85 produces less carbon dioxide that is more beneficial for the environment.

Biodiesel is another alternative to fossil fuels. The advantage of this type of alternative energy is that the car can run on the fuel made by vegetable oil. The level of emission is comparatively low. The price is cheaper than fossil fuels and E85. The major drawback regarding the usage of biodiesel is that it requires fields to grow plants that will be used for fuel production.

In contrast to the E85 and biodiesel, fossil fuels are made from oil, coal, and gas. Fossil fuels are not renewable. The deposits of oil and coal are limited, and it takes a lot of time for the planet to produce more. According to recent researches, the deposits of coal will last for up to a hundred years. The society has a century to innovate the sphere of energy. The usage of fossil fuels is a challenge for the environment, and that is, something should be changed. The development of biofuels is a good alternative to the substitution of fossil fuels. Nevertheless, biofuels also pollute the environment and are beneficial until the time humanity will invent something more environmentally friendly.

In conclusion, it should be pointed out that the adverse impact on the environment demands an urgent solution. It is worth stating that surroundings react to human activity by climate change and shifts. It consequently leads to the fact diseases and natural phenomena become more severe. The level of air pollution because of car emissions is impressive. The sphere of environmental protection should receive priority. Although nowadays biofuels are not so widespread, it should be stressed that it can be a good option in the future. However, society should direct all the forces for the innovation of the environmental saving technologies and alternative energy sources as biofuels are better than fossil fuels but still pollute the environment.


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