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An Archbishop as a Legitimate Authority

Why an Archbishop is a legitimate authority

Salvatore Cordileone is a legitimate authority because he is an American prelate of the Catholic Church and the Archbishop of San Francisco, California.

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Archbishops can be called primary ministers and religious leaders of the sacred liturgy; they often participate in confirmations in parish churches and perform the deacons’ and priests’ ordinations.

The type of respect the Archbishop should be shown

Archbishops are crucial religious leaders who are ranked higher compared to bishops. They control immense areas of churches, and bishops often ask for assistance, advice, or guidance from the archbishops. Thus, archbishops should be shown a high level of respect.

It is important to add that Catholics must respect the decisions made by archbishops because they are religious mentors.

The type of respect the Archbishop is currently shown

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, for instance, has many supporters who show respect and opposers who demonstrate disagreement with his decisions.

Evidence of respect to the Archbishop

This article by Dan Morris-Young illustrates that San Francisco priests voiced disappointments with Salvatore Cordileone at convocation. For example, one priest expressed his frustrations about the morale and suggested that these objections and arguments should not shame the Archbishop. Nevertheless, they should improve the archdiocese and create the best conditions.

Archbishop Cordileone has previously experienced criticism on the issue of abortion. Nonetheless, he acts in opposition to the Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021.

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Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone highlights that the member of Congress should consider the problem of abortion because it is a homicide, and a child should not be treated as an object.

The basis of disrespect shown to the Archbishop

Usually, other religious leaders or ordinary people express their dissatisfaction if they disagree with the decisions of the Archbishop, for instance, regarding abortion and the LGBT community.

The appropriate way to voice concerns or disagreements with an Archbishop

People can voice their concerns and disagreements with the Archibishop at the various meetings held by the church. In addition, priests and other religious members can express their arguments at convocations.

Positive articles, web pages, videos about the Archbishop

This article presents the opinion of Archbishop Cordileone on racism. He says that racism is a severe problem; moreover, it is a virus. There is a growing number of anti-Asian hate crimes in the USA, especially in San Francisco, where many Asians live.

Archbishop gave the homily during a prayer service for peace and stated that racism is unacceptable because everyone should have a welcoming home and equal rights. Thus, he calls for ending violence against other races and ethnicities.

The article explains how Archbishop Cordileone led a prayer service for unity, healing, and peace. He encourages citizens to live in peace among a diverse population and respect one another.

Hence, Cordileone explains that the community of believers should rely on their hearts and minds, care, and foremost for good deeds. He adds that it is crucial to demonstrate generosity, self-sacrificing, faith, trustworthiness, courage, humility, and tolerance.

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