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Analyzing a Creative Print Advertisement of Jbl


Creating a prosperous print ad in the incredibly competitive marketing and advertising industry takes more than drawing a picture of the product. The market and customers are much more demanding and intelligent than a few decades ago, considering the growing popularity of social media and digital resources in general. Even though media platforms are prevalent resources of current advertisement, print ads can show an enormous effect on the company, significantly increase the customer base and brand image. Consequently, this paper is focused on analyzing a creative print advertisement of JBL in multiple details.

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The Rhetorical Situation

JBL is one of the most influential companies in the stereo and music equipment industry. They have an immense customer loyalty base gained throughout many years on the market and are known for delivering high-quality products. Chosen advertisement is delivering multiple messages and can be distinguished as a persuasive piece. The image’s primary purpose is to increase sales, attract new customers, or remind the old ones about JBL. However, considering that political figures are involved in the advertisement, the company also wanted to attract the attention of their audience to the current political situation in the country. The campaign’s target audience is young people, mostly students, as of the evaluation of the image, with the main character being a schoolboy. The company did not only want to show the benefits of the product but also to encourage clients to be politically aware.

Analyzing a Creative Print Advertisement of Jbl

What is most outstanding in the JBL’s print advertisement is the remark to politics. The brand does not usually represent any political views; however, the company chose to attract new customers by implicating a new approach in this campaign. Moreover, the advertisement may inspire young customers to research the country’s latest news and get involved in socially-responsible issues. With this campaign’s help, JBL may encourage potential and loyal consumers to participate in the upcoming election, which will subsequently positively reflect on the brand image and its reputation.

Typical Viewer for This Ad

JBL is aimed at middle and upper-class people of all ages, music lovers, as of their perception. Nevertheless, this specific campaign, as mentioned before, is most likely aimed at younger customers. The typical viewer is dependent on the channels the ad is distributed to. Thus, if the campaign is displayed on a billboard in Times Square, the reach would be immense. To correctly comprehend the ad, people would need to know the political figures and have at least a little knowledge about the world’s political situation.

Designer’s Goal in Creating the Ad

The designer delivers multiple messages through the advertisement campaign for JBL. As stated above, the designer executed the company’s idea of delivering political awareness to the consumers (JBL Shows How Effective, 2020). He or she included detailed caricatures of two rival political leaders that reflect their recent conflict. The image also has some context of the disagreement like the button for launching atomic weapons and others. If talking about the boy, the creator wanted to show that JBL’s product can help abstract from the heated legislative arena and finally relax for some time from the uptight events.

Advertisement’s Reflection of Multiple Purposes

The style of the illustration reflects the customer group on which it aimed, where cartoon ad represents younger people as their target audience. The political leader’s portrayal as caricatures represents the absurd side of the political events, as the primary purpose of the style (JBL Shows How Effective, 2020). Such a combination of element synergy instantly attracts the customers and makes them look at the ad longer to comprehend its details, subsequently increasing the chances of further buying the product. Therefore, the advertisement contains many crucial elements that upraise an interest in the JBL’s goods and portray the company from the socially responsible side and their goal to influence the younger audience to be more politically aware. Through the campaign, the company conveys the idea that their product is what will make you abstract from the surrounding issues and dive into the calming world of music.


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