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Media in Healthcare Sector and Policy

There is no use denying the fact that the healthcare sector is one of the most frequently mentioned nowadays. It is obviously connected with great attention given to the health of the nation in the modern word. However, despite all efforts and programs aimed at the improvement of the state of the given sector, the situation still remains complicated. The heath of the nation is one of the main aspects of the existence of any state, that is why this issue is closely connected with the policy. Government tries to solve the existing problems introducing new ideas and solutions. Besides, all steps made my politicians are described and analyzed by various means of media.

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Speaking about the medias interest towards the given issue, it is possible to analyze several articles from the New York Times and outline the main regularities and trends which are discussed. First of all, one could admit the fact that very often the issue of the healthcare goes along with political affairs. For example, speaking about centers for aged and problems which appear in the course of their functioning, the author also tends to show the role which the governments of the states play in this problem and the ideas suggested by them in order to improve the existing situation (Meier, 2000).

The similar situation could be observed in another article, devoted to the healthcare sector. Speaking about the general state of the health of the nation, the author is not able to avoid some political issues, underlining the fact that it is the government which has the greatest impact on the whole sector (Sanger-Katz, 2016). Being an integral part of the functioning of every state, the healthcare system should be obviously controlled by the government. This fact is emphasized in the majority of articles or some other media. Additionally, there is the tendency to assume that the actions of the government and the policy in this sphere in general are inefficient and only lead to the further deterioration of the situation in the sector.

Cogitating about the interrelations between the healthcare sector, the policy and the way in which they are reflected in media, it is also vital to state that the labeling of some procedures or practices as inefficient could also be taken as the peculiarity of this very relations. For instance, the New York Times tends to consider the annual physical checkup as an empty ritual, which, however, demands great sums of money and costs a lot for a budget (Kolata, 2005). Revolving around various practices which are performed in terms of the given issue, the article suggests rather ambivalent arguments which do not convince readers.

With this in mind, it is possible to make a certain conclusion. Speaking about the role of media in the relations between the healthcare sector and policy, one could say that it tends to revolve around various drawbacks peculiar to the given sector. It is important to realize the fact that blaming the government and calling it the main culprit of all failures, media could be unfair. Besides, analyzing the Times articles, one could admit some common traits which are used by the authors while cogitating about the healthcare sector. Media is a very important mediator which could help to attract attention to a certain issue, however, it is dangerous to forget about its preconception and adherence to the popular trends.


Kolata, G. (2005). Annual Physical Checkup May Be an Empty Ritual. The New York Times. Web.

Meier, B. (2000). States See Problems With Care at Chain Of Centers for Aged. The New York Times. Web.

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Sanger-Katz, M. (2016). For Now, Bernie Sanders’s Health Plan Is More of a Tax Plan. The New York Times. Web.

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