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Androids and Iphones: Operating Systems Comparison

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There is a great demand for different digital devices of nowadays. People want to have them as a tool, toy or just an accessory. Any need should be fulfilled, that is why there are many companies which create their own digital devices and software for them. Nowadays the world is divided in two camps. The first one supports mobile phones which use Android as the main operational system while representatives of the second one are admirers of iOS and products of Apple company. However, under modern conditions, devices based on Android seem to be better choice.

Android and iOS are often compared. There is no use denying the fact that both these systems have their advantages and disadvantages and it is difficult to judge which is better. However, iPhones and a great number of other devices, which are based on iOS, have many functions and applications which seem to be better than the applications which are based on Android. Additionally, very often these devices are more reliable and work faster because of the great attention given by Apple company to all its products. If a person wants to by a mobile device which will work efficiently and he/she does not need some surprises and he/she is satisfied with the traditional design of Apples products, than iPhone can become the best choice for him/her (Kovach, 2015). Additionally, it is rather popular nowadays and can be taken as the evidence of a persons successes.

. However, such issues as personification and diversity are also very important and should not be forgotten. The thing is, that there is a great number of devices which are based on Android and that is why a person is able to choose the one which fits the best all his/her needs and demands (Ion, 2014). His/her choice is not limited and he/she does not have to choose between the models of iPhone. Additionally, it has already been stated that there is a great number of possibilities for personification provided by devices based on Android. Moreover, Androids are more economic (Ion, 2014). Price of the devices which are based on Android is usually lower than the price of iPhones and some other products of Apple. That is why, financial side of the issue can also be taken as the evidence of the great advantage of Androids because people have more possibilities to by them..

Additionally, there is another great advantage of the devices which are based on Android. They are cross functional and do not need some special equipment which could work only with the devices of this sort. iPhone does not provide the opportunity to use memory cards if some extra space is needed, while Androids give such opportunity for their owners. Moreover, they are more convenient in usage. Androids can be charged with the help of USB while iPhone demands the special cable (Epstein, 2014). It is possible to charge the phone being somewhere just using USB even if there is no cable from this very model, while iPhone is deprived of this function.

Moreover, one device can perform different functions even acting as a remote control because devices based on Android usually have infrared blasters on the top (DOnfro, 2015). Additionally, it is impossible to replace the battery if it does not work in iPhones because of the peculiarity of the iPhones case, while Androids usually have access panel which allows to do it. That is why, recognizable image of Apples products can be taken because its drawback as it leads to the decrease of functionality. That is why, iOS looses this competition because of its complexity.

It is possible to support these statements with a good example. The thing is, that there is a great number of applications provided both by iPhones and Androids. Their main aim is to make the life of a user of the device easier and make this device more personal. However, Apples products are not so good in this field. The thing is, that applications provided by Apple are still limited and, moreover, a person is not able to replace them if he/she is not satisfied with their work. People, who use Adnroids, are able to choose the player when they want to listen to music while the owners of iPhone can use only iTunes (DOnfro, 2015). The same deals with photos and movies. Additionally, There is a great number of other details which serve as the best evidence of the more convenient character of devices based on Android.

Having analyzed information connected with two different types of operation systems, it is possible to make certain conclusion. It is obvious, that iPhone and other devices based on iOS are rather reliable and provide a great number of possibilities for their users. However, there is also a great number of drawbacks connected with the complexity of these devices. That is why, it becomes obvious that mobile phones and other devices based on Android become an ideal choice under modern conditions because of their cross functional character.


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