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Anthem Blue Cross: Healthcare Provider


Anthem Blue Cross (ABC) is a healthcare provider operating in many fields. The establishment can further improve its economic and community value by providing free of charge screenings for individuals. These procedures are aimed at detecting diseases, usually, before any distinct symptoms appear. Their particular feature is a lack of payment to the establishment, as part of a company’s community service. This executive brief aims to familiarize ABC’s executives with the option of expending the preventative care model by offering free-of-charge cancer screenings.

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ABC has its branches across the US, while the company’s headquarters are located in Indiana. This scope of operations leads to a large number of people who may be willing to have a screening test. The test is provided free of charge as a service to local communities. Due to these facts, the expansion of preventative care should be tested within a particular district or neighborhood, to identify its efficiency and amount of investment required. Therefore, ABC should introduce the program in Indianapolis before expanding it to other states.

Outcomes of Expending Preventative Care

ABC strives to be a healthcare provider, which cares for its patients and helps them find better approaches to medical services. The proposed initiative will result in improving the quality of care by detecting breast cancer early and minimizing the number of adverse outcomes. Some health conditions may be identified during the procedures. According to López-García-Franco, Pardo-Hernández, Fraile-Navarro, and Alonso-Coello (2016), “health checks may promote a fluid patient-provider relationship, improve the delivery of some preventive measures, and reduce the patient’s anxiety” (p. 185). Thus, through the initiative, ABC will be able to build a relationship with prospective patients.

ABC currently provides several services under the preventative care model. Those are offered periodically, once a year, once every three or five years, or as needed (“Preventive care plans & guidelines,” n.d.). The current model does not include free of charge breast cancer screenings, which is a valuable tool in early detection and treatment of the condition. If detected before their development, health establishments and individuals receiving care would be able to avoid procedures, medications, and other activities aimed at improving one’s state. The program’s primary objective and expected outcome are to reduce the number by offering free screenings for breast cancer and further guidance in regards to treatment.

The stakeholders affected by this initiative will be the radiology department of ABC on the organizational level and the community of Indianapolis on the macro level. The expansion of preventative care is an economic opportunity for ABC because it will allow engaging more prospective clients by explaining the benefits that the company offers. Additionally, after the screenings, in case an issue is detected, medical professionals will be able to provide additional services. The chosen strategy is both ethical and culturally equitable because it addresses a significant health issue and provides free of charge services.

Factors Influencing the Setting Up of Preventative Care

The company can offer free screenings for individuals while explaining to them particular aspects of health insurance coverage. This conversation would raise awareness both regarding the disease and healthcare options that people have. Breast cancer awareness month, which is in October, is a timeframe particularly suitable for the program (National Cancer Institute, n.d.). Firstly, many establishments and personalities talk about the importance of preventative care and its impact on breast cancer detection.

The aspect can affect the program positively by ensuring that community members are aware of the issue and can dedicate time to visit the establishment. The combined effort of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and ABC can provide more benefits to individuals.

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A knowledge gap, which should be further researched, is the particular procedure required for the screening. While mammograms are standard in the field, there are other options available, which can be more cost-effective. According to Kearns, Chilcott, Whyte, Preston, and Sadler (2016), each screening program should be evaluated separately because no direct correlation was detected between cost-effectiveness or cost increase and preventative care.

Thus, ABC should build a model in which the community receives valuable services and education regarding insurance programs that the company offers. According to the United States Census Bureau (2017), 15, 6% of the city’s inhabitants have no health insurance. ABC can use this opportunity to come in contact with prospective patients and explain the benefits of new legislative initiatives, which make health care services more accessible.

Analysis of Supply and Demand for Preventative Care

The issue of breast cancer in the US is widely discussed because the disease affects a large number of people. According to ABC, one in eight women in the US develops breast cancer throughout her life (“Mammograms 101,” 2017). Regular mammograms can help detect the disease early and provide treatment. Additionally, preventative has helped over 2.8 million women receive timely treatment for their condition (“Mammograms 101,” 2017). It is especially important for women over the age of 40 when the risk of developing the condition increases. Therefore, the demand for screening services may be high, considering the risk factors and the number of people affected by the issue.

The primary data that can be used for analyzing the program’s scope and outcomes is Indiana’s population. For this program, ABC is interested in female citizens over the age of forty. Women account for 51.8% of the city’s population of 820,443 people; therefore, 410,221 women may be interested in the procedure (United States Census Bureau, 2017). However, approximately 24.8% of these individuals are under the age of 18.

The total population, which can take advantage of the expanded care model, is estimated at 300,000. The Bureau provides information regarding female inhabitants over the age of 18 and 65. The knowledge gap here is the number of women in particular communities was ABC’s branches are located, over the age of 40. These individuals would be the primary target audience for the program’s expansion. By identifying the number of women, ABC would be able to calculate the investments required for executing the program.

Relevant economic data that can help calculate the estimates for the program is the price of a mammogram. According to O’Donoghue, Eklund, Ozanne, and Esserman (2017), the minimum cost for a mammogram performed on film is $86.09. Additionally, the supply of such services in Indiana is presented by several organizations. The National Breast Cancer Foundation, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the National Breast, Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program, YWCA, Planned Parenthood, and Imaging Centers (Davis, 2018). However, those organizations offer either assistance in finding a provider or a discount. People who do not have health insurance or those whose plan does not cover breast exams would have to pay a fee for services.


Overall, ABC should expand its preventative care model by offering free of charge mammograms to women. The program should be launched in Indianapolis and take place once a year in October. The economic and demographic data suggests that there is a demand for the service because there are over 300,000 women over the age of 18 in the city. The economic opportunity of the strategy is in the ability to attract more prospective customers for the company.

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