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Appalachia History and the Influence of Historical Periods

The region of Appalachia which stretches across the eastern states of the US is one of the gravest symbols of the American nation. It is so due to the historic and social background of this particular milieu of the development of America. The line of Appalachian Mountains provided many opportunities for the first settlers in this region. There are 6 particular periods in the history of Appalachia which are known to be significant for present framework of it. These periods provide gradual transition of American culture and unique for this country ability and urge for renovation and success. One can be sure in the significance of them, but the history of Appalachia was not performed apart from the history of the USA. This is why Euro-American settlement (1740-1840), Civil War (1861-1865), Industrialization (1870-1910), Depression/New Deal (1929-1939), Post-World War II (1946-1955), Appalachian Regional Commission/war on Poverty (1963-1973) contemplate the ups and downs of the American cultural, social, ethnical and economic changes for more than two hundred years.

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First of all, it is significant to mention that the sequential character of these periods does not highlight their importance for people and American nation. In other words, the understanding of mere extent of significance of the periods goes apart of their chronological line. In this respect it is vital to work out the most and the least significant periods for Appalachia.

As far as it can be examined, the most significant period for Appalachian region was concerned with the economic boom which was after the Civil War. The main spheres of industrialization included coal mining and logging. People were thankful to such circumstances because they achieved work with paying-wages. In this very period the stabilization process was maintained and further provided. The real observation of current possibilities of the region gave government more points on making industrialization of Appalachia more intensive. Hence, the population of the region experienced its growth from year to year. High rates of employment promoted high rates of population concentration (Drake 245). The nation of America was at a peak.

The second significant period is the Civil War time. At that time the national self-confidence and pro-abolitionist feelings were increasing. In fact, this time gave a background for the US to provide certain policy of unification of the country. For Appalachia it was the time which gave prerequisites for further growth.

The third period by its significance is Euro-American settlement. Here it is necessary to note that American nation at that time had high motivations for morale and religion. In Appalachia it was concerned with mainly Scotch and Irish Protestants (Drake 73). This value of the society living in the region strengthened the background of people originating from Appalachia.

Depression is the fourth significant period. Driven by Roosevelt’s way of reform, people living in the area were able to have work. Due to this feature of this hard period the region of Appalachia flourished with new buildings and objects which still exist. People were highly motivated for making life in Appalachia successful.

The fifth period is Post-World War II time. Americans living in Appalachia at that time experienced the changes in main industries, because the process of devastation of forests increased and the logging sphere seemed to be in decline. It was reflected in the sixth period of Appalachian Regional Commission on Poverty when people struggled from unemployment.

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