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Apple Company’s Logo and Its Graphic Design

Every time I see an apple logo, Apple Computers Company is the only company that immediately rings in my mind. The reason why apple computer company rings in my mind is simply because of its fame in the world of computing, both hardware and software technologies, some of the most known Apple Computers products includes; Macintosh computers, ipod’s, ipad, iphone and even Mac OS x software which is essentially an operating system. As a lover of symbols and visual logos, the shape of an apple takes me back in time to the era of one of the greatest and revolutionary scientist of all times Isaac Newton. He was resting on a shade when an apple dropped on him and there was the discovery of the most vital and significant force, the force of gravity. The apple image and association to the company is primarily based on the fact that Apple Computers Inc. was one of the earliest companies to engrave their name in their symbol.

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I was initially introduced to the logo at a tender age; this was when I first developed interest on the significance of visual symbols to the companies. I was then lucky to have a farther who explained to me not only the significance of the logo symbols to companies but also their meaning. He narrated to me the story of an apple and Isaac Newton discovery of the law of gravity normally referred to us as g =9.8 N. The revolutionary discoveries of Isaac Newton are associated by the founders of the Company Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne as one of such revolutionary ideas in their first ever computer development while competing with Bill Gates of Microsoft.

Over time, the color of the logo has consistently changed mainly because of the color association with the graphical capabilities of the cutting edge software developed by the company. The color change was normally used to show the software complexity of mixing different colors to come up with a three dimension animation. Despite the changing revolution of colors, the shape of the partly eaten apple has never been changed by the company owners over a period of nearly 30 years now. This is one reason why the graphical logo of the apple has remained glued in my mind over such a long period of time (Berger, 2008).

One of the few facts that I explicitly learn from the graphical design used by the company is their preeminence in the world of computing, a fact that they have proved over time despite the cut throat competition in the existing market and especially from Microsoft. The apple is closely associated with two major events in the history of human being, one is the story of Isaac Newton and the discovery of the law of gravity and the other one is the apple fruit in the Garden of Eden. This relation created vividly gives the impression and the perception of the company owners about the company’s products. The most basic designing elements of this logo was the apple, the associated history and the color mix that demonstrates their software mastery and their capabilities of playing around with colors to come up with almost anything that they want. In this aspect therefore, the visual identity of the company’s logo perfectly fits the products that the company sells to its market niche. These products include both the software and the hardware of the computer. Apple is well known as the founder of graphical design and animation closely associated to one of the founders, Steve Jobs.


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