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Aspects of Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is one of the fundamental concepts of philosophy. Used to describe the process of objectively identifying and analyzing events to meet one’s goals in the most efficient way possible. The ability is developed through training and learning different things, as well as being conscious of one’s thought process. The methods of nurturing one’s critical thinking include taking special courses and seeking advice, among other things (Critical Thinking Skills: Definitions and Examples). Critical thinking skills are important for work, study, and even interpersonal relationships. One of the podcasts posted by the Work-Life resource can be used to demonstrate and exercise critical thinking in practice.

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The podcast in question represents critical thinking in various ways. First, the show promotes varied learning and the discovery of new things, said to be an excellent way of acquiring new passions. One of the examples they bring up is the story of Maria Konnikova, who took up playing poker and eventually made a career out of playing it competitively (Grant). Konnikova recommends that everybody should learn to play poker, as the game develops one’s intellect and makes a person well-versed in quickly accessing any situation to gain an advantage. Another step towards improving one’s critical thinking skills comes from the interview with Malcolm Johnson. The man, as a director of JPMorgan Chase’s Commercial Real Estate Group, describes how the mentorship program he leads helps men of color academically succeed (Grant). Giving the marginalized communities more access to various opportunities and teaching them how to manage their experiences allows them to provide assistance and teach those who might need it the most (Grant). This approach also allows the mentee to nurture their critical thinking, as the support from the more knowledgeable individuals greatly benefits this process.

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