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Benefits of Vacation for a Person


Every adult or student in school dreams about their future vacation at least once during the day. Some fantasize about going to the beach, traveling, or simply lying on the couch and binging their favorite TV show without worrying about their to-do list for tomorrow. People’s fondest memories are usually adventures from summer vacations or family time during the Christmas holidays. Although being productive and working is important, it is impossible to sustain it indefinitely without taking some time to rest. Vacations are beneficial because they boost your happiness levels, decrease stress, and increase mental motivation.

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Firstly, going on vacation allows you to break out of your routine and experience new things. We get used to functioning according to a strict schedule during our daily life. The days pass and blend into each other as we run on autopilot, and boredom and unhappiness fester (Firestone). However, on vacation, a whole empty day is presented with the opportunity to fill it according to our desires — whether that is finally attending a ceramics class or traveling to Spain. These extraordinary experiences and novelty reinvigorate our passion for life and determine our levels of happiness.

Secondly, the usual sources of stress are removed during vacation. There are no difficult coworkers, pressure from bosses, or looming deadlines. Eighty-three percent of U.S. employees today experience work-related stress (American Institute of Stress). This is a worrying statistic because stress generally leads to lasting problems with physical and mental health, as well as possibly damaged social relationships and even substance abuse (Baffour). However, vacations immerse us into a completely different environment where the aim is to relax, and our bodies respond to this on a biological level. Therefore, breaks are also beneficial for our physical health because they decrease stress.

Thirdly, employees who take regular vacations avoid burnout and come back to work with more motivation. The boredom and stress mentioned above could lead to resentment and feelings of antagonism for work that decreases motivation and productivity. The human brain needs novelty to stay creative, motivated, and innovative (Dean). After vacation, the brain and body are rested enough to approach challenges with renewed strength and enthusiasm. Moreover, taking some time off could make people reassess their goals and remember why they chose this job in the first place. Happy and healthy people feel more motivated and create better work.


In conclusion, taking vacations makes you happier, healthier, and a better employee. It breaks you out of your usual routine, offering the opportunity to pursue new experiences and renew your passion for life. Moreover, being removed from typical work stressors prevent a variety of physical and mental health problems. The brain is allowed to recharge and returns to work with renewed motivation and strength. Unfortunately, too many Americans are overworked and leave their vacation time unused because they do not realize the benefits of vacations and focus on work. However, vacations are advantageous on an emotional, physical, and professional level.

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