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Stress and Happiness in Personal Experience


I thought a lot about stress and happiness during the past week. Currently, I am running three companies including a car dealership, a rental company, and an automotive shipping firm each of which requires the transition to a new stage. For example, they need superior business planning and thorough recruitment. Therefore, I have to experience stress that needs to be understood by me to improve the current situation.

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First, I want to identify both stress and happiness as well as their strong interrelation. The notion of happiness is quite philosophical and sometimes can be complicated yet it refers to a feeling and a state of partial or complete pleasure. At the same time, every person is likely to define it in his or her own way. Some people feel happy when they meet with friends and discuss interesting topics, others become happy when they read the favorite book. Stress can be identified as a state of fatigue, indifference, or some other negative feelings. It is a response of a human body to burnout, negative emotions, or just monotonous turmoil. Stress in small quantities is necessary as it makes people think, seeking a way out of the problem. Still, if people experience too much stress, their organisms weaken, and they lose the ability to resolve complex issues. I believe that the lack of happiness can cause stress.

Second, it seems that several factors affecting people and me, in particular, cause either stress or happiness. Among the basic ones, there are friends, family, job, food, and vacation. Family and friends are important for happiness as they can provide a person with emotional and physical support and understand him or her. In this connection, I can state that my parents and friends are the closest people to me, and I can always rely on them. Moreover, the food that people eat is likely to determine the level of either stress or happiness. For example, fast food and alcohol drinks are likely to affect the organism by reducing its ability to resist stress, while healthy food such as fruits and vegetables can significantly improve the protective properties of the organism. As for me, I prefer eating healthy food that is easy to cook. Also, a level of job satisfaction along with timely vacation is an integral component of happiness. People need some rest after hard work to recover for further productive work. In case of the absence of vacation during a long period of time, the majority of people feel that they are on the edge of depression. Likewise, I need to spend some time resting, at least once a year as it helps me to accumulate energy and desire to move forward.

However, I think that, along with the factors mentioned above, the level of stress and happiness of a certain situation depends on how we perceive it. Thus, the more positive I was, the less I was exposed to stress and negative mood. People are confronted with negative emotions every day. For example, the day begins with the awakening from the hated sound of the alarm clock, then lateness at work, and bad weather. There can be millions of thousands of reasons to get stressed, losing concentration, and acquiring aggressiveness, anxiety, insomnia, or even depression. At this point, happy people do not dwell on temporary setbacks and hardships and do not give up if something goes wrong.

Considering the current situation, it is necessary to aim your time and energy on what you can change to feel better. Personally, I need to understand that not everything is amenable to my control so that I always look to the future with optimism and faith. Furthermore, my happiness is to have great work and a hobby. Although I have some difficulties at my work, the main thing is that I get pleasure from what I do. This helps me to overcome stress and be happy. I am an ordinary person with my own advantages and disadvantages. Every day like everyone else I am faced with a number of different levels of stress. I noticed that if the tension is accumulated, then it becomes much more difficult to recover the shortage of energy and calmness. Gradually, I began to control my emotions along with my reaction to the environment, and the state of my low mood improved.


Finally, I would like to point out that it is necessary to make yourself happy by means of different people or things in order to prevent stress. This can involve friends, parents, hobbies, or work that can make you feel attended, meaningful, and positive. Every person has to identify his or her own sources of happiness. As for me, I understood that I need to develop myself by psychological training and acquiring professional knowledge to achieve better personal and career results. Continuously going ahead, I will fill my life with purpose each day improving, learning, and building close relationships. All this is also able to make me happier.

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