Breather Company Website’s Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis refers to the process of analyzing the keywords used in research to understand the most relevant ones as well as determine which words are the most popular and have the most results. In business, keyword analysis represents a starting point of search marketing campaigns, which companies use to bring the audience to their website. Based on the analysis, it is possible to enhance the customization of content, landing pages, and other components of a website to increase conversion rates and drive traffic. Because of this, SEO uses the keyword analysis tool as a method of facilitating important decision-making and beating keyword competition. The potential benefits of keyword analysis for organizations include the optimization of spending, the increase in conversions, discovering new target markets, prioritizing time, as well as getting an insight into market behavior.

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In the current keyword analysis, the focus of the exploration is Breather, which is a business providing spaces for meetings, training and courses, offices, offsites, and headquarters. The organization works on developing creative spaces that would facilitate the effectiveness of other companies (Breather). Breather works by allowing online bookings of offices and other spaces that companies can use for several hours, days, or months, depending on their needs. As the target audience of the organization includes the management of other companies who will use the spaces provided by Breather, keyword analysis is especially relevant in the current case. Furthermore, since Breather has more than five hundred locations across ten destinations around the world, keyword analysis is necessary to understand whether the website keywords are effective in the vast geographical context.

The list of 20 keywords below represents a set of phrases that can be used in an organic search, with the name of the company being the most important because ‘Breather’ is provided on the first page of organic search results. Other words are used to target the potential customers of the business. The focus is placed on the target audience searching for flexible workspaces that can be easily accessed and rented depending on the needs is reflected in the use of keyword phrases that do not include the company’s name in it. The 20 keywords are the following:

  1. Breather
    • Rent office for 2 hours
    • Breather space
  2. Rent breather office space
  3. Breather near me
    • Office space for rent near me
  4. Breather coworking
    • Day office rental near me
  5. Breather coworking space
    • Rent workspace NYC
  6. Breather event space
    • Rent workspace
  7. Breather NYC
    • Meeting room hourly rate
  8. Breather office space
    • Room hire by the hour
  9. Breather meeting space
    • Rent workspace near me
  10. Breather workspace
  11. Breather Boston

As Breather is the most important keyword, the results of the search indicate the effectiveness of the keyword to be used in a search. It is important to note that since the word ‘breather’ has other meanings, the first results in the search shows links to websites that explain the word itself, such as the Cambridge online dictionary. Such ambiguity in the company’s name can present a challenge to potential customers who may get confused as to why the first results do not give them links to the business’ website. After the links to the dictionary, the company’s website is provided. The first page also yields such results as the breather valve and air breather, which have no connection to the company.

However, the Wikipedia page on Breather is also available, which offers a closer look at what the company does, gives information on its owners and management, as well as explores its operations in the target segment. The next keyword phrase, Breather space, immediately gives results to the website and thus the opportunity to rent a space for a company. The same results are given for Breather near me; however, Google also aligns the results of the search with the location of the searcher. Thus, if one is in New York, the result of this keyword is Breather NYC. The rest of the keywords listed in order of importance, from Breather coworking to Breather workspace all yield the company’s website being the first search result. Therefore, the first column of keywords is effective and relevant enough for ensuring that users who insert them into the search engine will quickly find the company’s website.

The keyword phrase ‘rent office for 2 hours’ gives Breather’s website as a result; however, the site is ninth after such companies as Sharedesk, LiquidSpace, HubbleHQ, Hourly Spaces, and others. Rent Breather office space immediately offers the company’s website as a result of the search, which means that the combination of a business name with other words is more effective than just the company’s name or just phrases associated with the search of rental space. Office space for rent near me and day rental office near me are keyword phrases that do not offer Breather as a result in the search engine because of their vagueness. Since the engine also considers one’s location during the search, individuals searching the same keyword in different locations may have different results because of the ‘near me’ phrase.

Rent workspace NYC is a phrase that gives Breather a second result from the top, which means that the company has much to offer customers who are located in New York. In similar queries, there is a phrase ‘how much is WeWork Monthly?’ This shows that customers who looked for workspaces in NYC searched for the prices of Breather’s competitor. Rent work space showed to give links to such websites as SpacesWorks, MatchOffice, LiquidSpace, ShareDesk, and WeWork on the first page while Breather was on the second. Similar results were for the phrases meeting room hourly rate and room hire by the hour, with Breather’s website being on the second page of the search engine. Both phrases, Breather Boston and rent workspace near me have Breather’s website as a first-page result on Google.

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To summarize the keyword analysis, it can be concluded that the keyword phrases developed for Breather are effective enough for driving customers to the website. Keywords that contain the company’s name are more likely to drive people to the website. However, the company’s name is quite ambiguous, which is why searching for just Breather as a keyword yields results that are completely unrelated to the business. It is important to note that Breather’s competitor, WeWork, was showing in the results for the keywords above, while Carr Workplaces did not, which is indicative of Breather’s effectiveness in dealing with competition in organic search results.

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