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Budget Narrative for Markia Crime Stopper Program

The following is the budget narrative to enable the Markia crime-stopper program initiative to effectively protect, respond to, and report criminal acts in the community. The program requires a budget to acquire proper machines, qualified personnel, software, and a vehicle and ensure effective marketing to attract customers. The items discussed are crucial for the program to function correctly. Both direct and indirect costs will be incurred when running the program. Some of these costs will be incurred during setting up, while others will be incurred monthly. The program requirements, costs, and the components’ purpose is explained in detail in this paper. It is important to note that the prices indicated are current market prices and may change in the future due to demand and supply factors.

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One of the direct costs incurred in the program is setting up the software that will be used to run the entire program. This software will link all the devices in the program and ensure that they work efficiently by monitoring the activities around the community and reporting any malicious events (Ansari, 2019). The software will include a website that notifies law enforcement officers of burglary activities in the community. The website is set up according to the Texas laws of safety protection to ensure that no personal rights and freedoms are infringed during the program’s operation. The cost of developing this software and website is set at fifteen thousand dollars at the current market prices. The program will also require a running cost of fifty dollars per month (Ansari, 2019). These costs are determined by the complexity and the quality of the program. The running cost will be used to maintain the software and pay for the internet connection to communicate with the other devices.

The program will be run by one computer, which will cost five thousand and five hundred dollars. The computer running the program should be able to handle the platform and communicate with others efficiently; thus, it is important to acquire a powerful computer with enough memory and fast speed to ensure that the program’s functions are handled swiftly without breaking down (Ansari, 2019). The computer is the brain of the whole program; thus, the most efficient CPU should be chosen. In addition, the third purchase should be of smart security devices. These devices include door cameras and motion sensors that track movements near the houses. The devices can track movements near the house and take video and pictures to the main computer. They can also alert the house owner remotely when they detect movement. Each device costs two hundred and seventy-five dollars, with an installation cost of two hundred dollars and a maintenance cost of fifty dollars (Ansari, 2019). The first batch will serve one hundred and fifty families.

The program requires staff to run the activities and maintain the system. Six employees are required, including one lawyer, three IT technicians, and two security rovers. The lawyer is required to handle all the arising issues concerning the use of the system at the cost of one hundred dollars per hour while the IT technicians will be monitoring the system to ensure its functioning properly. These technicians are supposed to be paid fifty dollars per hour. The security rovers will be tasked to respond to the incidents raised by the security system (Ansari, 2019). They will be paid at a rate of twenty dollars per hour working for twelve hours. These guards will be provided with uniforms to enable easy identification at the cost of one hundred and twenty dollars per uniform. The firm is also supposed to have a car that the rovers will use to attend to incidents quickly. The car will be acquired for a cost of twenty-five thousand dollars.

Indirect costs incurred in the program are acquiring crime-stopper certification. This certification costs two hundred and fifty dollars to acquire. The certificate is important in enabling the company’s recognition by the Texas government to offer information that helps in crime control. The other cost is the information technology safety training for the IT technicians. This training ensures that the technicians conduct their work in the safest way possible to avoid unauthorized data access or endangering their lives (Ansari, 2019). This training will cost three hundred dollars per visit whereby the trainers will visit twice a year.

The third indirect cost is marketing the company to potential clients. The marketing will involve print media such as flyers and billboards. This is important in increasing the organization’s client base and will ensure that the company spreads to other communities. The marketing cost is set at seven percent of the initial cost of the initiative (Ansari, 2019). In conclusion, the Markia Crime Stoppers Initiative will have direct and indirect costs. During the first year of activity, the estimated cost is projected to be slightly over three hundred thousand dollars. This is due to the high cost of equipment such as vehicles, software and the main computer. However, the cost will be significantly reduced in the next year as only the running costs such as labor, fuel, and internet will be incurred.


Ansari, V. (2019). Home safety, security and automation using IOT. International Journal Ffor Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology, 7(5), 2168-2174. Web.

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