Build-A-Tee Shirt Marketing Project

Project Task Statement

This project seeks to address the fundamental question of the electronic marketing system, and how its application is relevant to Build-A-Tee. It explains how electronic technology enhances and anchors the traditional system of communication that the retail business should apply. The appropriate created method, Build-A-Tee E-commerce System that is practicable to this goal will be critically assessed in keep with the current financial crisis.

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Beyond this, market situation in terms of structure and size are methodologically looked into as well their appraisal tools. In so doing, it brings to the fore conventional principles of marketing and their applicability to the electronic marketing strategy for BAT. In keep with Haegele (2001), an analysis of the methods in determining market structure and segmentation of specific markets, the nature and purpose of the strategic marketing with products in mind and the reasons that inform that will be examined.

Project Aims/Objectives

The main aim of this project is to demonstrate beyond any reasonable doubt the positive impact that an open source commerce solution, Magento, providing open a shopping cart system, payment gateway integration, sales management, product catalogue management, billing and shipping management have on BAT. Therefore, the overall objective of the project is to see the adoption of e-marketing as a tool of communication in the marketing structure, promotion and creation of awareness for BAT-Tee-Shirts.

The specific objectives in achieving these will be enhancing the system applications as far as internet marketing BAT-Tee Shirts is concerned, identifying the specific areas where the technology should first be applied for the business, and demonstrating the advantages of e-marketing as a marketing strategy beyond the traditional means that the businesses have always relied on.

Measurable Organizational Value

This project recognizes the fact that outcome is the cardinal endeavor of the marketing actions that would be taken by BAT. This is because e-marketing must deliver results, in relation to the goal set out in the plan (Albee, 2009). The corrective measures will be taken in the event that the set out actions do not adequately meet the desires goals and objectives. Progress evaluation or analysis will be carried out to ascertain the extent to which some goals are succeeding and the components which should be replicated. For instance, the website links in relation to Magneto that will be designed to attract a great percentage of hits will have to invite corrective action when such hits are not realized within a set time-line.

Project Organization

The organization of the project will be broadly categorized into four complementing departments, all under the Project Manager. These departments include Project Planning, Schedule and Team Coordination, Research and Documentation. They will be led by Tony Hajdari, Daniel Schurman, Desie Curtis and Ibrahim Kanate respectively. The Project Planning department will be responsible for designing the entire project including defining its scope, creating work-plans and schedules, designing technical architecture, and designing recruitment criteria.

Schedule and Team Coordination will be predominantly responsible for reviewing and presenting resolutions in regard to the project, coordinating purchase of equipments, photographing tee shirt design models and creation of customer content among others. On the other hand, the Research department will be in charge of conducting evaluation and assessments in terms of site penetration and the like. Documentation will be responsible for issues related product-cataloguing among other editorial and quality review as well distribution factors.

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The Cost Structure for the Project (Presented in Total Cost Percentage Composition

Phase 1
Phase 2
Year 2
Phase 3
(YR 3)
Phase 4
Phase 5
(YR 5)
Hardware 10%
Data Base License 20%
Software License
Awareness creation Website 20%
Promotional website 20%
Advertising Space 10%
Changes to Software and Software installations 5%
Interfaces to several Systems 2%
Data Conversion (Old to New
-Buying of Website Spaces
Website Upgrading and connection to other sites 7%
Maintenance Cost 3%
Software maintenance 4%
Data base maintenance. 5%
TOTAL 100%

NB: The cost is in terms of dollars of the total cost and mirrors only on the first phase with the recognition that other cost in the following faces will depend on the extent of success and evaluations to be carried out.

Overall the cost structure will be tied to the products, services and maintenance expenses. Besides the structure will fit into the rationale justified in the overall marketing plan. The tenets will include new software for awareness creation and tracking from software vendors, and this will be used by the members of the project team to accelerate the process of communication in marketing the products.

According to Marchewka (2009), the advantage that this carries is that no network changes would be required and it will be used within the existing work stations in the Information or Marketing department. Besides, the existing PCs would be used and the very worst, only a few hardware would be bought. The related costs would be software maintenance cost, a server/hardware, and software licenses (Albee, 2009).


Albee, A. (2009). E-Marketing Strategies for the Complex Marketing. Interaction Inc.

Haegele, K. (2001). E-Advertising and E-Marketing Opportunities. New York. The Rosen Publishing Group Inc.

Marchewka, J. (2009). Information Technology Project Management (3rd edition). New York: Sage.

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