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Business Applications‏

In the tender phase of when a business has been established and customer loyalty is in development, an influx of Customer Feedback and processing of After Sales Customer Queries means the world to the organization. “Revelation HelpDesk” helps organizations do just that.

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“Revelation HelpDesk” by Yellow Fish Software, is an internet based Tracking and Support Software that allows a smooth coordination to take place between some of the most vital divisions of an organization that deals with IT solutions. It allows for coordination between the IT Management and the IT staff with the End User. This unique Business Application allows for organizations to concentrate on helping End Users rather than lose precious time and customer patience in preliminaries such as logging, sorting, recording and transmission of complaints. Revelation HelpDesk takes care of all these operations so that the process of assisting customers can become as seamless and as swift as is possible. By doing so, Revelation HelpDesk allows organizations to ensure a smooth operating of their Customer Assistance Departments while efficient recording and sorting of complaints allow for a measurement of effectiveness.

Revelation HelpDesk offers distinct packages to cater to its clients. Revelation HelpDesk allows users to choose exactly which options they require, so that no payment has to be made for options applications of Revelation HelpDesk that the user does not require use of. Options such as the “Call Manager” allow for a quick summary of operations without having to go into lengthy details.

Revelation HelpDesk allows for employees of the organization to obtain quick access to the required information. Also, it allows for the grouping of already queued calls in order to allow customer support technicians to sort and process calls faster. By doing so,

It allows for the identification of the frequency with which each department receives calls, and time/date stamps each call with the personnel dealing with the call. By combining these recorded data elements with charts and graphs, Revelation HelpDesk enables derivation of invaluable information regarding the progress of the organization. It allows for the monitoring and recording of the time that performing of each task takes in order to increase efficiency and performance accountability. Besides these Revelation HelpDesk incorporates options such as designing automated Trend Identification, Service Reports, setting up message boards and Self-Help Articles for End Users as well as listing calls that may be possibly lost.

However, Revelation HelpDesk requires that the user be fully aware of the hierarchy of the organization and the roles that each division plays. This is necessary in order to allow for an efficient sorting, assigning and processing of calls.

By default, Revelation HelpDesk does not require any specific hardware of software. The software requirements are as minimal as a browser window and the software is adaptable to virtually any customer help desk setup.

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If the customer requires, no download or installation at all will be required (YellowFish Software). This convenience is made possible by the option to engage “Revelation HelpDesk” as an Active Server Page.

Similar software in the market includes the likes of Computer Admin Pro, Issue Track, Perfect Help Desk and Help+. Yet, Revelation HelpDesk is used by a wide variety of users. Some of the more prominent users of Revelation HelpDesk include U.S. Department of State, Honeywell and the National Bank of Canada.

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