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Buying a Used Motorcycle: Steps and Factors

Motorcycles are useful two-wheeled motor vehicles used for various purposes such as commuting and racing. People in developed countries often use these machines for recreation purposes. An individual who loves to ride motorcycles will at one point want to buy one. The purchase might be the person’s first motorbike or it might be an additional one. A person might choose to buy a new or a used motorcycle. When buying a used motorcycle, the following steps can be used.

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Before buying a used motorcycle, the person should determine the kind of riding he/she wants to do. Various types of bikes are designed for various purposes, including off-road riding, long-distance traveling, racing, and commuting. Duff declares that a person should decide on the purpose of the bike before considering anything else (par.3). After the person has decided on the purpose of the bike, he/she will know what type of motorcycle is appropriate to buy.

Having decided on the purpose, a person can now move to view the appropriate motorcycles that are available for sale. Used motorcycles can be obtained from various sources including private sellers and dealerships. In most cases, buying from a private owner is the cheapest way to get a used motorbike. The internet is full of advertisements for bikes on sale on websites such as eBay. One can even get information on sellers from bulletin boards at work or the supermarket. However, Duglin advises that a local dealership might be a better place to buy a used bike since reputable dealerships offer some guarantees (83). While the price might be a little higher than that offered by private sellers, dealerships are willing to help the buyer if the bike experiences some trouble shortly after the purchase.

When purchasing a used motorcycle, it is important to carry out a physical inspection of the machine. Duff states that you can tell a lot about the care that a motorcycle has received from a simple physical inspection (par. 7). The outside appearances can read a little about the internal condition of the bike. McCraw states that the buyer should lookout for signs that show that the bike has been used for a long time (par.11). Such signs include rusty bodywork, scratched tank, or a cracked and faded seat.

However, inspecting the exterior of the motorbike might not reveal everything about the condition of the machine. It might be necessary to check some of the internal components. If the buyer has some mechanical knowledge, he/she can carry out the internal inspection for himself/herself. Without mechanical knowledge, it might be useful to have a knowledgeable person carry out the internal inspection.

The next step is to take the motorcycle for a test ride. Duff notes that this stage is crucial since you will discover many things while on the bike (par12). For example, the efficiency of the brakes can only be determined while riding. The only way to tell if the clutch is functioning properly is by sifting through the gears are you are riding the bike. The structural integrity of the used motorcycle can also be determined during the test ride. By feeling how the bike handles twists on the road, a person can tell if there are some structural issues. In addition to this, a test ride will enable the buyer to determine is he/she likes being on a particular bike.

If you are satisfied with the condition of the motorbike and like it, you can proceed to make a purchase. Since it is a used motorbike, the price will be below the market value and negotiable (Duglin 84). From the physical condition of the motorcycle, you can determine a fair price and negotiate until an agreement is reached. Having done this, you will have successfully bought a used motorcycle.

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