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Challenges Facing Science in Modern Society

Science is an area that has faced a lot of controversy in modern society. Science is worth understanding and pursuing as it involves evidence and intensive research and findings. Basic knowledge of distribution, production, and processing borrows the knowledge of science heavily. Most people view science as a complicated issue, and therefore, they do not adhere to vital procedures when conducting their daily activities. Failure to apply scientific findings has led to the emergence of several pandemics such as the COVID-19, global warming, and even desertification that have greatly ravaged and influenced human life. The spread of COVID-19 has exposed the level of societal ignorance and unpreparedness on the principles of science. Scientific studies rely heavily on evidence and ways on how to curb natural occurrences. The paper seeks to identify reasons why society struggles to accept science as the standard of truth.

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There is a conflict between scientific theories and religion, where the former believe man came into existence after a series of evolving from the ape. Nevertheless, religion views the origin of man as God’s creation which scientists refute. The universe’s origin has been on the debate for centuries, where science has been speculating contradictory theories to religious beliefs. The former believe the universe came into existence as a result of the explosion of the stars. On the other hand, religion links the beginning of the universe to creation. The contradictory theories and lack of satisfactory evidence make society so indecisive and opt to dismiss scientific findings. Opposing proofs breeds confusion, and therefore, it is confusing for society to accept the standards of truth. The modern civilization has failed to impress scientific findings by the rejection of the COVID-19 vaccine by some few individuals in the society as a result of unclear vaccine manufacturing methods.

The pandemic emerged unexpectedly, the ministry of the World Health Organization(WHO) responded by researching vaccines that would help curb the spread and reduce the death rates reported in large numbers across the world. Most people failed to embrace the WHO guidelines, including wearing face masks, sanitizing hands, and maintaining social distance. To many, this was too much, and so they could not adhere to these required protocols. This was mainly due to limited proof of the effectiveness of the guidelines issued by health experts worldwide. Moreover, COVID-19 vaccines faced a lot of resistance due to superstitions and myths behind the effects of the dose. Society has failed to teach critical information in research, hence faces the levels of unpreparedness in pandemics such as the current one. Nations that ignored the directives and made decisions based on their understanding of the pandemic later reported many infections and deaths; therefore, their negligence made them highly vulnerable to the disease.

Most people view science as complicated, and thus, making them unable to comprehend some theories. Difficult names, a large amount of information, and complex information make many discard science as an essential field. Many individuals in this modern society rely heavily on the internet to gather information rather than carrying out their experiments to get firsthand data. They, therefore, tend to repeat past mistakes that may impact negatively on the current generation. Therefore, students are advised to have a course of evidence to avoid copy-pasting old inventions that add no value to science. By re-introducing old models in technology, people will view science as a sham and therefore fail to impress its usefulness. Some scientific findings have unreliable evidence; for a theory to be considered and applied, people tend to understand the various steps involved in the process, failure to which may lead to opposition and inconsideration. Like in a court of law, judgment relies on the weight of evidence that must be relevant to ascertain the truth.

However, most scientific findings are theoretical and have less prove to convince society. Basing on the big bang theory of the formation of planets which suggests that the earth was formed from a single point, the idea fails to explain what triggered the eruption. Inadequate evidence makes the research unreliable, and therefore. Having pending information portrays the research as bogus and irresponsible. Variation in the theories explaining the universe’s formation creates confusion since society is unable to test its reliability.

In conclusion, science is the epicenter of research and innovation that improves the wellbeing of society in production and distribution. Research has been used over the century in dealing with pandemics such as global warming, earthquakes, and even COVID-19. However, people have become reluctant to implement some scientific findings and hypotheses on the breach of evidence. In law school, a subject called evidence is taught to ensure fair admission of justice to all. However, some scientific results have unreliable confirmation, are theoretical, and contain a lot of information, which makes the society doubtful that they fail to believe and term them as false. Significant opposition in measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 has seen the rise of infections and even deaths. Society is not ready to trust scientific innovation; thus, they do what they hope is best for themselves. Science is viewed as complex as it contains various theories and requires a ruthless commitment to reality.

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