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Global Challenges of The Muslims in the Modern Society

The presented research outlined and examined some of the issues facing Muslims in modern society, taking into account knowledge acquisition and global Muslim representation as the core aims in the study. One of the significant problems identified in the research faced by Muslims was the mass media misrepresentation and Western beliefs incorporated by acquiring Western culture (Beck and Plant). The crucial acts that led to Worldwide Islamic challenges are the Obsolescent complexion of the Islamic religion, problems of sectarianisms, and deterioration in Muslims’ economic and social powers. Thus the conclusion was Islam religion is not the cause of these issues; instead, the doings of some non-Muslim’s and Muslims were the factors contributing to the problems experienced by Muslims. There are proposals of recommendations that could be relevant in solving the challenges Muslims are experiencing.

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The ancient time of the worldwide presentation of Islamic in the modern universe had a radical change compared to the 17th to 18th Era when Islam enlightened at its summit. Muslims are now facing issues from different angles, used as sources of discrimination and media campaigns. In societies where the population of Muslims is deficient, how the media speculate Islam has led to false impressions of Muslims in the minds and hearts of non-Muslims.


It is equally crucial for the issues experienced by Muslims to be examined to come up with solutions. Some of the identified challenges include:

A Gross Misrepresentation

Islam has kept growing versatility worldwide, not due to the widened scope of dawah activities but based on gross misrepresentation of the Muslim identity. Islam is discerned as a doctrine that allows brutality and terror. The misconception has been brought up by the terror attacks that envision a society governed by Islam, which is contrary to the doctrines of Muslims. The media is identified as the primary source of the wrong perception of Muslims. How Islam is viewed today in the western media is highly agonizing (Degener). A Muslim traveling to a western country is perceived as a threat and kept close watch. Any Muslim who proceeds to Afghanistan or Iraq is considered a terrorist who will disrupt the world’s peace. Hollywood movies also represent Muslims as antagonists in their films, which significantly impacts how non-Muslims view them.

Several American series present Muslims as actors and villains of terror, therefore vilifying the Islamic recognition in the minds and hearts of the ignorant individuals of the religion. In the films, the characters chant the sacred statement, Allah Akbar, when committing crimes, where the word is used to glorify Allah in the Islamic worships. On reflection of a scene in the released series, it showed how a terror act was carried out during Hajj pilgrimage where non-Muslims dressed in sacred ihram attended the jam rat session. The act demonstrated how the non-Muslims participated in acts of indiscipline and disrespect against the Islam identity. The movies have spread false perceptions about Muslims, which pose a significant danger to Muslims globally. However, this contradicts the Muslim teachings and agendas that depict good morals, peace, unity, tolerance, and perseverance. The discriminatory acts on Muslims have led to some communities alienating them, which is unfair to them.

Western Civilization Vacuum

The difference between the foundation of western civilization and the Islamic is that the former seeks to design God’s kingdom on earth; on the contrary latter are a brave endeavor to initiate a kingdom of man. In the latter, the limits of human actions are anathema, while in firmer, the boundaries are set by Allah. The concept of the hereafter in the latter is highly questionable, while for the former, the goal of earth’s life aims to prepare. The diversification of the two beliefs on the view of world beliefs has evolved numerous challenges been experienced by Muslims. The relationship between the west and the Islamic has been overburdened due to conflicts and rivals. North America and the Christian societies of Western Europe have been fearful and suspicious of the Muslims (Husain).On the contrary, the Muslims find the practices and the western social values unethical to their traditions. The conflict between these communities is instituted by technological innovations that confront the people’s culture.

No longer are the geographical boundaries adequately enough to separate the differences between these two cultures. The Muslims find it rather hard to assimilate to the western culture as they cut in between the dilemma of finding their authentic voice in popular western culture and fear of losing their identity. Compared to other dominions such as the Jews or African Americans, Muslims have had less success in cultural ecology. The Muslims seek to diversify into the Western culture without interfering with their religious beliefs and traditions. On the lookout, the cultural conflicts between the western and Muslims are that Islam offers a totalized world view which comprises all spheres of community: political, economic, and social. In contrast, the west isolates the sphere of action and knowledge and enshrines individuals. In Africa, most Islamic Intellectuals lack literacy of computers and western civilization, while some lack engrossment in the advantages of advanced technology. A number of the scholars have yet to perfect their English hence their lack of understanding of western civilization. Yet, Western and Islam are finding ways to adapt to worldviews and values during these uncertain encounters.

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The Deterioration In Socio-Economic Development

During the prosperous age of Islam time, which constituted the highest involvement of Muslims in Worldwide development, science, philosophy, and the fall of Andalus (modern Spain) initiated the decline of the Islamic culture. Hence Islamic culture in various societies has remained static in prominent Muslims. These have led many Muslim groups who were formerly self-sustaining Western civilization to have an inflated dependence rate on the west (Osman). The Muslims now live based on the dependence on western technology where they got to deal with a man through philosophical ideas attached to the culture and western ethos. Chapra expounds that the diminish in Islamic civilization was initiated by the Muslims’ conflict, moral decadence, and disunity. Khaldun argues that society depends not only on economic factors but also on institutional, psychological, interrelation roles of morals, demographic and social factors through the action of circular antecedent that extends for some time.

The Abandonment Of The Islamic Faith

The Islamic religion is dependent on the perceptions of the intellectuals of the Prior Islamic century. Thus it is impossible to seize the advancement of human philosophy and psychology and technological progress. There is a limitation when it comes to employing western technology in Islamic jurisprudence. The overdependence on the prospects of the precedent scholars has become a significant factor that affects Muslims in the advanced technological era. Some of the Philosophers injunction was the view based on the accessible technology at the moment back then; hence they need to revise to be updated to the current century. For instance, one of the injunctions includes using a borehole that is not comparable with recycled water.


A significant factor to the development and growth of the Islamic communities is the sectarianism amongst the Muslims. For instance, a Sunni Muslim disregard a Shiite Muslim as a Muslim brother and the other way round. The numerous denomination within the Islamic faith has facilitated so many Avant Grade operations that are unprecented in the Islamic heritage. Islam is a doctrine of unity and the base of the religious oneness of the ummah. Due to sectary implications, Saudi Arabia is not bid farewell by Iran, one of the world’s major nuclear powers. The trending news in Syria is war within the country, influenced by sectarianism, which has negatively afflicted the union of the Islamic world and increased Muslims’ daily death. The Muslim countries cannot help one another because Muslims recognize their umbrella of identity before humanity.

For instance, if an Iranian and Saudi meet and their identity match, peace will prevail; however, if their identity mismatch, enmity persists. One of the prominent scholars in Islam named Jeffrey once expounded that humanity comes before religion, and therefore, Muslims were to ordain that. Another problem that prevailed due to sectarianism is the variation in the explanation of the Sunnah and Quran, including the teachings surrounding Islamic monotheism. This poses a danger to the tranquility and unity of Muslims as far as sectary affiliation continues to impact the understanding of the founding tradition of Islam and its beliefs. Secranitism has resentfully overwhelmed Islamic civilization worldwide, which has led to a decline in the expansions of Muslims.

Challenges Of Muslims Researchers

The primary issue affecting Muslim researchers, scholars, and scientists is the definition of Islamic science, purpose, and scope. It describes the methodology as it varies from modern science, based on western culture and its values. The primary issue is in neutralizing the influence of contemporary science as it revolves around the intellect of the west. On the contrary, Islamic science is founded on Islam, presenting a unique belief system, lifestyle, worldview, and concepts about present life, culture, community, afterlife, and God.

The concept of Islamic science can only be understood through the use world academy of science, the international technology journal of humanities and engineering, and the social sciences, which is the Quran (Salahshour and Boamah). Outside all the sources mentioned, their ideology remains incomplete and superficial. In contrast, western science comprises western ethos, and its foundation is in western culture. For instance, the Islamics believe in free will in psychology, where the individual chooses between good and evil. On the contrary, the western consider that genetic and environmental influence a person’s behavior. Hence, this is a bit debatable as the scholars’ debate on their beliefs depicts Western science.


Some Proposals have been developed to encounter the previously mentioned challenges to figure out Muslim knowledge acquisition and misinterpretation issues. Firstly, the representatives of Islam and the Muslims must develop a solution that could filter Islam’s true doctrines from adulteration. They are to create preferences based on the foundation of Islam when they are applying Western civilization. Acts of intimidation and turbulence have occurred in various portions of Sunnah and the Quran. Therefore Islamic scholars must emphasize the Islamic teaching to both non-Muslims and Muslims (Sultana). Furthermore, scholars are expected to venture more into their research on their doctrine; this is to have intact facts when modern science challenges their beliefs. It is also necessary that some of the Islamic creeds be revised; this is crucial as they are supposed to match the ever-changing global civilization.

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Despite the secretary affiliation of different dominions of Muslims, they are expected to acknowledge each other as Muslim brothers. This will build good interrelationship in them hence unity; thus, they evolve and develop fast as Muslims. The Muslim scholars must enlighten their students that discrimination in Islam cannot be eliminated but should be evaded when a Muslim’s general interest is involved. Muslims should present themselves as the ambassadors of Muslims globally; hence they opt to be cautious of animosity even when placed into trials (Beck and Plant). A Muslim should display the Islam identity and preach Islamic heritage through deeds and sermons. An Islamic researcher should follow the beliefs of Islam disregard regulations when they are partaking researchers on odes of solving issues in consideration of serving humanity and gaining the gratification of Allah.

Moreover, the researchers should wisely assimilate the secular knowledge with Islamic to avert misdirection and misconceptions for Muslims. In addition, the scholars and the researchers should visit the Islamic faith and integrate western media and Islamic concepts. The Scholars and Muslims should escalate the discrimination of wrongful proclaim on the recognition of Muslims in the minds and hearts of the people. Lastly, societies with advanced technology should train other Muslim groups to incorporate Western civilization with the Islamic without disrupting their tradition and actual teachings. Through the use of these strategies help solve some of the issues that are experienced by Muslims worldwide.


Every decade, year, century, and leap year overlap with its set of issues, and subsequently, Islam did not get away from the challenges. The Issues examined in the research have outlined that Muslims face these issues due to arguments or bias among them. The teachings on Islamic endorses that the development and growth of the Muslim community are dependable on the truthfulness of faith and unity of the individuals. The issue of Islamic image in the society is solely ruination of the Islamic acknowledgment by some individuals who discern the Islamic practices of other Muslims as faithless. In conclusion, the western media has adversely affected the misrepresentation of the Muslim community globally.

Therefore the image of Islamic identity has been tarnished; however, the Muslims can make a true identity. Thus, everyone can learn to respect and not discriminate the Muslims based on their perception of them. Through the recommendation outlines, if they are followed adhere, they will help reduce issues interrelated with Muslims. Taking into account and considering the image of Muslims been terrorists will help reduce the negative thoughts people have on Muslims. This is the most diverse issue affecting Muslims as it is presumed any terror attack that occurs was carried out by a Muslim. Thus if we could learn or understand more the Muslims, this could create a friendly environment between Muslims and other individuals.

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