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Teamworking Skills in Healthcare

Reaction to the Scenario and Feelings

Working in a team people should respect and appreciate the time and efforts of other team members. Effective and successful work of the team involves good leadership and the ability to direct the attention of the group towards questions and tasks that should be performed. In case team members get along well, and there is no leader that can influence the process of work within the group, the team might spend the majority of time interacting with each other. However, it is worth stating that the project should be done anyway.

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The way the work in the team is organized will influence the outcome (West, 2012). In the described situation, team members will spend nights working as they manage the time during meetings not reasonably. If I were a member of this team, I would react appropriately. I value my time and want the work to be done in an outstanding way. People can socialize and spend time with each other after the work is done or outside of the meeting. I would feel disappointed.

Avoiding the situation and Resolving the Conflict

This situation could have been avoided by an understanding of every team member the significance of the work (Dyer, 2013). There are a lot of opportunities how to resolve the conflict. First and foremost, the members get along well, and they will listen to each other. It is essential to talk to the whole team with a motivating speech regarding the importance of performing the task. Furthermore, the work of the team should be organized.

There should be long-term and short-term goals; every person should take part in the process. The suggestion to have communication time during breaks and after the goal of the meeting is achieved will influence the approach successfully. However, some things should be avoided when attempting to resolve this conflict. The leader should be encouraging but not aggressive. The conflict will not be solved if the leader is guided by negative feelings.

Results of the Test

After completing the test on teamwork skills I got the following results, namely:

  1. Evaluator 7;
  2. Ideas Person 9;
  3. Leader 7;
  4. Compromiser 9;
  5. Summarizer 6;
  6. Recorder 11;
  7. Encourager 10 (Teamworking Skills, n.d.).


According to the results, I am a good recorder, encourager, and compromiser. In addition, I am creative, and the test proved that I have a lot of different ideas. These skills would help me to cooperate with a team that does not use time management to get better results. The major goal of the recorder is to make sure that the group is organized, and everyone participates in the decision-making process. Every team member should contribute to the group and function as a united mechanism.

This way, the team will get better results. The encourager is also essential for the team as there should be a person with an optimistic view that can help people not to give up and use all the energy on the way towards goal accomplishment. Ideas person contributes to the effectiveness of the team in a significant way as it is important to provide different insights concerning the problem to reach a better decision and improve the performance. A high score on a compromiser shows that I am able to find a consensus. It is significant for every team as there are people with different viewpoints.

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However, I have also realized that I need to work on my leadership skills. Moreover, an average score for evaluator and summarizer showed that I should work on improvement and need to take it into consideration. To increase the effectiveness in the area of teamwork, I should improve my reflective and analytical skills.


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