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Comprehensive Assessment of Child’s Kindergarten Readiness

Objective of This Assessment Report

The ultimate goal of this evaluation process is to obtain the crucial information needed for the determination of a child’s kindergarten readiness. The information compiled in this report came from the parent (mother) and the child’s performance in school. It is worth noting that some children are affected when they change school. Others remain unaffected by such a change (Spodek & Saracho, 2005). The report shows a lot of emphasis on the child’s academic performance, as well as physical prowess in school. Therefore, the report is a comprehensive assessment of your child’s readiness for kindergarten.

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Mishaal has shown inconsistency. He attends public preschool for three hours and goes to a private pre-school for three days a week.

Pre-Kindergarten Screen (PSK) was performed on Mishaal. This method is generally used to assess young children, who at times can be disadvantaged in terms of both social and academic skills needed in pre-school (Vance, Hankins & Brown, 1986). The skills assessed include; fine and gross motor development, imitation, and visual matching.

Test Session Observation

Mishaal is the only child with an abnormal developmental history­­­­­, and this might have affected his social skills. The assessment identified Mishaal as a less sociable child who, at times, can fail to react positively to both relationship and social changes. Perhaps aware of the imminent torture that can be perpetrated by the boys; he prefers to socialize with girls mostly. The developmental history of the boy is not usual. From the behavioral assessment in activities such as sitting, walking, and potty training, it was observed that he took longer than expected to master such acts.

Academic Development

Pre-Kindergarten Screen

PSK is administered as a measure for identifying crucial aspects of kindergarten success. Mishaal recorded a standard score of 120 indicating his higher age preparedness for pre-academic skills. This score translated to a percentile of 91. This figure meant that Mishaal’s skills are 91% greater than that attained by any of the children who participated in the PSK (Clifford et al., 2005). His percentile was higher by 25; implying that he is age-appropriate. The findings of this report indicate that Mishaal is academically ready for kindergarten.

Gross Motor: Mishaal’s gross motors are age-appropriate. For instance, he has exhibited excellent balance, jumping, and climbing capabilities.

Fine Motor: Some of Mishaal’s motor skills are age-appropriate. He is right-handed and can draw lines correctly. However, he experiences difficulties with fine motor repertoire such as tying shoelaces.

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Imitation: Mishaal’s skills in this perspective were age-appropriate. The interviewer recalls that he can copy actions with ease. Mishaal can twiddle thumbs and copy actions such as hand clapping.

Basic Academic Skills: Mishaal’s academic performances were within the age-appropriate. For instance, he has excellent cognitive skills and can memorize names and sequences. He can as well trace color and shape with ease. From the assessment, it was established that he could remember the 23 letters of the alphabet and can as well count to 30 correctly.

Delayed gratification: He has the exemplary ability to postpone the craving for small treats. For instance, he waited for ten minutes before he could take his ice cream. Experts on early child development express optimism in such benign behavior. Patience is crucial for the later development of social ability and overall success in the academic setting (Isenberg & Jalongo, 1997).


Social/ Emotional Development

Even though he can talk at the age of two, Mishaal recorded the lowest social score. The assessment established that he is shy and showed some dependency on his mother for interacts. His reaction to punishment is reasonable, and he exhibited higher levels of discipline.

Kindergarten Readiness

The evaluation was done comprehensively, and the findings indicated that Mishaal is emotionally, physically, and academically ready for kindergarten. However, his social skills suggest that he might experience difficulties at pre-school. This reason calls for particular attention to enhance his social prowess.


  1. Consider not transferring him from one school to another
  2. Encourage him to interact with both boys and girls in school.
  3. Continue reading with Mishaal.


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Isenberg, J., & Jalongo, M. (1997). Major Trends and Issues in Early Childhood Education. New York: Teachers College Press.

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