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Motor Skills and Movement Coordinations

To master a particular task, motor skill is usually developed with the help of the brain. The skill entails a series of movements that are complex and are learned with time (Graziano, Taylor & Moore, 2002). Hence, the motor cortex assists in the development of the complex movements which are usually required when performing particular tasks. On the same note, the brain has several parts which perform various functions.

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One of these parts is the supplementary motor area. Its main function is to generate movement inside the brain. Also, it performs the task of coordinating the sequence in which movements are taking place when an individual is executing motor skills. For example, bi-manual coordination of the two sides of the body is greatly assisted by the supplementary motor area. Various aspects of controlling motor are also influenced by the premotor cortex.

For instance, before any movement takes place, preparation has to take place in this area. The region also performs the function of guiding the sensory system involved in the movement in addition to offering the much-needed direction where a particular movement is supposed to take place. This takes place so that both the body and trunk muscles are well coordinated (Graziano, Taylor & Moore, 2002).

The generation of neural impulses is an important motor movement that takes place through the spinal cord with the help of the primary motor cortex. Hence, the motor cortex is largely responsible for executing movement along this region even though there are quite a several motor cortical regions that assist with this movement. It is worth noting that the brain has to prepare through the premotor cortex before the spinal cord is coordinated with the rest of the desired movements. As can be observed from the above analyses, it is evident that coordination and facilitation of movement smoothly and progressively may not be possible if the motor skills are not adequate or poorly developed in an individual.

For instance, uncorking a bottle of wine demands the contribution of the spinal cord which makes great use of the primary cortex. When carrying out the aforementioned activity, there are myriad of impulses that are generated right from the brain through the central nervous system. Besides, the direction through which the bottle will be uncorked must be established using the supplementary motor area. This implies that if any of these regions are destroyed or damaged, the entire process of movement will also be interfered with (Marie, 2011). Apart from uncorking a bottle of wine, other forms of continuous tasks also demand well-coordinated motor skills.

For example, activities such as running, bicycling, as well as swimming are wholly dependent on the skillful use of the motor. Needless to say, swimming and running demand depiction of direction and sequential coordination of movement. On the same note, there are other discrete tasks such as singing that still require coordination between the premotor cortex, primary motor cortex, and the supplementary motor area.


Graziano, M.S.A., Taylor, C.S.R. & Moore, T. (2002). Complex movements evoked by micro stimulation of precentral cortex”. Neuron 34(2): 841-851.

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