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Childhood Obesity and Health Promotion

Today, childhood obesity is one of the critical health concerns. Being an important factor impacting the future of the nation, childrens health should be cultivated. However, obesity in this group has reached epidemic levels and continues to grow especially in developed countries (Sahoo et al., 2015). That is why the investigation of the roots of the problem and the way it evolves is critical for the enhanced understanding of the issue and improvement of the situation. In the given paper, the authors delve into the mechanism of obesity development as it is no fully understood now and analyze such factors as lifestyle preferences, environmental actors, and culture because of their impact on overweight (Sahoo et al., 2015). The researchers assume that childhood obesity could negatively impact childrens physical and psychological health resulting in the appearance of metabolic, neurological, cardiovascular, and orthopedic health problems (Sahoo et al., 2015). The researchers support their ideas with the in-depth investigation of all factors associated with obesity and existing research papers that suggest particular perspectives on overweight in children and the ways it might appear.

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In general, the central hypothesis of the paper states that regarding the negative impact of childhood obesity on their health, dietary habits, and social life, the increased level of attention devoted to the fundamental causes of the emergence of this issue will help to slow down its growth (Sahoo et al., 2015). This assumption creates the basis for the investigation as the researchers assess the existing statistics related to the issue and the way children evolve if the negative impact of such factors as poor dietary habits or wrong lifestyle is minimized. In the course of the study, the authors manage to prove their hypothesis and come to the conclusion that the existing high speed of the development of obesity could be reduced if the society focuses on the causes that result in the appearance of wrong behaviors in children and problems with extra weight (Sahoo et al., 2015). This conclusion is supported by credible pieces of evidence and research works by other authors who are also interested in the problem.

Research Methods

In the paper, the authors use a specific research methodology to guarantee relevance of their findings and their high practical use. There is no separate literature review section in the work; however, the bigger part of the researchers assumptions are supported by credible reference, which means that they try to demonstrate the importance of the researched issue and its popularity among numerous researchers. Additionally, the authors suggest some other investigators perspectives on the topic with the aim to guarantee its comprehensive investigation (Sahoo et al., 2015). In such a way, the absence of a literature review section does not make the paper less credible or informative. On the contrary, the use of this very approach helps to suggest literature support in parts where it is really needed, which is an efficient method to work with the material and guarantee its better understanding.

Moreover, the author chooses an extremely important issue that is critical for the modern society. The fact is that there are numerous negative forecasts related to the further deterioration of the health of the nation and increase in showings about obesity (Oliver, 2016). Additionally, investigators state that the number of overweight children increases significantly every year and there are no signs of the improvement of the situation (Mahmood & Lowe, 2017). On the contrary, the further development of technologies and poor dietary habits will create an even more harmful environment for children. In such a way, the given research becomes extremely important in terms of the existing health issues and challenges the health sector faces. It is fundamental to understand the causes for the appearance of the problem to be able to solve it and mitigate its negative impact on particular population groups. The authors are interested in analyzing the problem which is really significant for the modern society and people.

At the beginning of the paper, the authors state that the mechanism of obesity development is not fully understood nowadays, which means that some additional investigation might be needed (Sahoo et al., 2015). In such a way, the choice of methods used in this study is stipulated by the necessity to find more data that could support the authors basic assumptions and help to fill gaps in the existing knowledge. For this reason, the qualitative methodology is used. The authors conduct exploratory research with the aim to describe the central causes for the appearance and development of obesity in children. The selected design helps to assess already existing works devoted to the issue to find the most important information and, moreover, it provides researchers with an outstanding opportunity to suggest their own ideas and support them with the selected data. In such a way, the given design becomes appropriate and the most efficient one regarding the type of the paper.

Therefore, the nature of the research does not presuppose creation of a particular research group or engagement of specific individuals to investigate the issue. The authors use the recent findings to prove their hypothesis about the causes for the appearance and development of obesity. In such a way, their sample is comprised of all children who suffer from obesity and who have ever participated in the research. Their showings are used to demonstrate the basic causes for the emergence of wrong dietary habits or lifestyle patterns that stipulated obesity (Sahoo et al., 2015). Additionally, data from children who managed to recover from the health problem is collected to provide credible evidence about the efficiency of suggested measures and how consideration of particular causes might help to avoid the appearance and development of problematic conditions in children in future.

In such a way, the research investigates one of the central dilemmas of the modern healthcare. The fact is that the decrease in the speed of obesitys growth is one of the primary tasks of the whole sector. In such a way, the study has an outstanding practical utility. First of all, it reviews existing perspectives on obesity and relevant statistical data that could be used in other investigations and research projects. Second, the authors suggest real causes for the appearance and development of obesity in children. It means that one can try to improve the situation in the sphere by eliminating reasons that result in problematic dietary habits or behaviors (Sahoo et al., 2015). It is extremely important for the modern society as a significant improvement in the health of the nation could be attained due to the complete elimination of all reasons for the development of extra weight in children. That is why it is critical to apply results of the research into the real-life setting to improve the current state and attain a decrease in the number of children suffering from obesity.

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However, there are obviously several ways in which the paper could be improved. First, the authors can apply their findings to a limited group of participants to determine their efficiency, and the impact elimination of the outlined causes for the development of obesity might have on children. It will help to demonstrate the efficiency of the approach suggested by them and prove that the increase in the attention devoted to primary reasons might help to solve the problem. Additionally, it will trigger discussion about the methods to struggle against obesity and their practical use. Second, the paper could be improved by discussing how socioeconomic state might impact obesity and its causes. In such a way, there are several ways to improve the paper and introduce new material that could be helpful in discussing the topic.

Finally, the authors write in a clear and straightforward way for both specialists and common readers will be able to understand their basic ideas. It is an important element of any research work that discusses such topic as it could be read not only by healthcare specialists or workers. Additionally, the problem of obesity in children could be investigated using the paper as it creates the basis for the further research.


In conclusion, the authors touch upon an extremely important issue of childhood obesity and the way it could be eliminated. Using an appropriate research methodology, the authors come to the conclusion that the increased level of attention devoted to central causes could help to improve the situation and help these children. The paper has a great practical utility, and it could be used in future investigations of the problem with the primary aim to attain significant success and improve the quality of the nations health.


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