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Judaism and Christianity Comparison


There are a lot of religions in modern world and a question which religion was the first, the primary remains the main in modern society. Every religion wants to gain the status of superiority. One of the longest and widest contest continues between Christianity and Judaism. Christian people are sure that Judaism finds its fulfillment in Christianity. Jews contradict this statement and want to prove their independent development. But there are still people who sure that Christianity brings some completeness to the Judaism.

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Some scholars try to unite these two religions, Judaism and Christianity, by common history. Yes, the history may be common, but the essence of these religions is different. These religions have lots of similar issues, but they were formed separately, without coming out one of another. Judaism and Christianity have their own histories, and even if they were connected somewhere, this connection is not the base for this or that religion. Christianity and Judaism are two religions which walked parallel ways, they are like different coins, not the different sides of one and the same coin. These religions have common basis, common ground, which makes them to seem similar.

To understand the differences in both religions, we need to understand the differences in notions of these religions. The notion of afterlife is common for both these religions. While Judaism believes in afterlife, Christianity explains this notion a little bit different. Christian people believe in resurrection. These understandings are similar, but not the same. Judaism afterlife is believed, but not explained. Jewish people do not try to explain what they cannot understand, they just believe in it. Christian religion believes in the day when resurrection comes and religious people will live forever in the Garden of Eden.

The sacred book also has common patterns, but still they are just common, not the same. Christian sacred book, Bible, is the guide for all Christians. This book is a collection of rules and states of how people should behave in order to gain resurrection in future. Bible teaches Christian people what way of life they should lead, to be able to possess the proud name of Christian.

The word Bible is not commonly used in Judaism. Jews use the word holy writings. This book explains the aim of life for Jewish people. The holy writings present the scheme according to which Jews should follow. These books have common issues and themes, and it is not a surprise. These are sacred books which aim is to direct people for good, to teach people ethics and morality, and the ethical rules and moral issues for almost all nations is the same, so the Christianity and Judaism is not an exception.

The named examples confirm the statement that Judaism and Christianity are different religions, which have one common basis. The world history is common for all, but further interpretation of the history and further development of different nations proves that different nationalities and religions followed their own ways, had their own histories.

The contests around Jews and Christian religions may be understood by common places of development and common time of development, that is all. These two facts cannot be strong evidences to confirm the idea that Judaism comes out of Christianity.

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Some scholars still continue to view Judaism as the part of Christian religion. They want to prove that the appearance of Jesus of Nazareth was the event which promoted the absorption of Judaism into Christianity. This seems to be wrong in many aspects. Comparing the history and development of these two nations, Jewish and Christian people may see lots of differences in the national features, in philosophical views and modes of behavior. If the situation was that these two religions were connected one for some time, the traditions would have been similar. And what is seen, does not confirm the idea of common development of these religions. The religious holidays are different and the understanding of the world is different.

The appearance of life is connected with God. This fact is present in all religions, so the history of appearance is the same, but the further development is different. The Holocaust is the terrible event which was present in Jewish history. The fact of its presence confirms, somehow, the facts that Christianity and Judaism have never been one common religion. Holocaust is the event which killed lots of Jewish people just because of their religion.


In sum, give information showed the same basic events, which assisted in appearance of Judaism and Christianity, but it is impossible to say that these religions developed together. These religions grew in the same time, they had the same conditions, what predetermine some common features. The other aspects are different. These two religions have different understanding of the world and the philosophical viewpoints are different. The last fact, to the confirmation that these religions have never been one common religion, is their different way of development. So, Judaism should not be viewed as the part of Christian religion. Judaism does not need Christianity to complete it.

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