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Clinical Teaching: Long- and Short-Term Goals

Long-term Objective

The long-term objective that the teacher developed revolves around the student’s ability to construct an argumentative essay where they state a claim on an issue using strong textual evidence as well as a counterclaim to their arguments. This objective is rather important because it will enable students’ thinking processes and create a logical argument consisting of several elements. These elements should be in line with the ABBOT scheme (a recurrent use of formative assessment will be implemented as well) (“Read the standards,” n.d.). On a bigger scale, this long-term objective is expected to positively influence the student as he is exposed to several issues that will be discussed further in the report.

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Short-term Objectives

To complete the long-term objective stated above, the teacher will have to address several short-term objectives that can serve as intermediary achievements. First of all, within the framework of these isolated lessons, the students will have to learn to state a claim. This skill is vital because it will help the student to build their argument and create connections. It is safe to say that a powerful argument is the foundation of an outstanding essay. To be able to associate the facts with claims, the student will have to learn how to choose appropriate and strong textual evidence. Processing other information sources will also positively impact the student as they will understand how to conduct research and find the data they need to support their argument. On a short-term scale, this skill is expected to contribute to the process of composing an argumentative essay critically. Going through literature and other information sources, the student will identify opposing views. When creating an argumentative essay, it is essential to have access to various perspectives. This particular short-term objective will help the student to become unbiased and implement only relevant information in their arguments. Moreover, this short-term objective elicits the development of another short-term objective that cannot be overlooked when creating an essay. The student will learn how to develop a proper counterargument and see the advantages and disadvantages of each of the points of view that are available.

Current Issues

The student that I chose for this report has certain problems with reading and writing competencies. Nonetheless, I believe that strict adherence to the ABBOT model will allow me to get rid of his problems and let him engage with the tasks in full. Currently, the student’s sentences lack depth and critical elements. He tends to use simple grammatical structures, and the majority of his arguments are weak. I will have to address his vocabulary as soon as possible to increase the level of comprehension and improve the quality of future essays (“Read the standards,” n.d.). Even though he knows letters, he sometimes struggles with segmenting words and decoding them. I have to concentrate on the student’s fluency and his ability to comprehend the tasks and other elements of the lesson. At the same time, I am willing to help the student interact with text so that the latter could develop arguments properly and interconnect them. Overall, it should be stated that the student has potential, but it has to be elicited through exercise.


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