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Community Obesity and Diabetes: Mississippi Focus Study

Community-Based Teaching on Diabetes

Diabetes is a human disorder that is brought about by the miss-production of insulin that helps in the breakdown of blood sugars in the body. Diabetes is known to be very fatal. It can cause serious problems to the human body depending on the type and the stage. As stated by Billings & Halstead (2009) “the common symptoms include fatigue excess hunger erectile dysfunction, loss of appetite, slow healing of wounds or no healing at all”. Diabetes is broadly divided into two, Diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus. Diabetes mellitus is brought about by low production of insulin thus result to increase in blood sugar in the human body. Diabetes insipidus is brought about by excess production of insulin thus the high breakdown of blood sugars in the blood system. Diabetes can be caused by various factors, they include Heredity/genes, infection, food, overweight, lack of exercise, and high blood pressure. The paper will elaborate on the ways and means that had been used to try to minimize the infection of diabetes and also how to help the affected and the infected.

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Area: The State of Mississippi

The paper tries to look at the state of Mississippi. It has one of the highest levels of poverty, obesity, and diabetes thus the need for medical attention. As stated by Bleich, et al (2008), the state of Mississippi Is mainly composed of black Americans who due to economic problems, few health personnel, and cultural barriers, are not well medically covered, unlike the whites who are well off and have full access to health services. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in collaboration with Center Control and Prevention (CDC) has adversely tried to help the community to try to reduce the spread and infection of diabetes. This is through showing the need to stay healthy and have a routine checkup of their body.

Time Allotted

The time of each activity is very important, this helps to underlay strategy that will help to fully cover the much-needed activity. The activity includes having practitioners teach groups the way they can control diabetes which will need two hours to be exact. The next is having people treat the diabetic group. Also, randomizing and evaluating the independent and dependent variables. This will approximately take four hours.


This activity is aimed to achieve various things, which include the control and the factors that contribute to the spread of diabetes. The main objective is to provide training to medical practitioners to be able to deal with diabetic conditions. With the best expertise, the community will thus be advised on how to control and avoid practices that hamper the infection of diabetes. The other main objective is to identify the factor that causes obesity. They may include heredity, where the disease could be inherited through the family. Also, food or bad dieting may cause diabetes. This may be seen when one eats a lot of food with a high amount of sugar content that exhausts the insulin in the body. The other factors include infection. The infection of the pancreas, leading to its malfunction. This hampers the correct release of insulin. The other objective is to provide the basic ways of living a healthy life. The basic ways, including eating a well-balanced food diet, eating with food less amount or even no cholesterol since it cause one to have a high blood pressure that causes diabetes. The other basic way to live a healthy life is to make sure you do some exercise now and then to help in the breakdown of some excess fat in the body (Billings & Halstead, 2009)


The principles of proper nutritional dieting habits depend on the type of diabetes that one has. Those with diabetes insipid us require food with calories that range from 1500-1800 per day to maintain the body weight due to excessive loss. People with diabetes should eat a lot of different fruits regardless of the content of sugar. This is because they help to promote good health prevent the loss of weight. One should spread the eating through the day so that you reduce the sudden increase of the amount of glucose in the blood system. The most effective exercise of an obesity control program includes running or doing some exercise to reduce somebody’s fats to fuel. According to Billings & Halstead (2009) of the American Heart Association “recommends a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate exercise at least 5 days a week”.

Several factors increase the risk of diabetes, they include; eating food with a high level of caloric acid and having minimal or low physical activity. Age has also been seen as a factor. It is seen that as one advances in age he or she has a high chance of being overweight. Pregnancy at a later age, insufficient sleep, and the use of drugs that increase weight are factors that also increase the risk of getting obese. Participation in physical education and progressive physical activity help in the conversion of the excess fat to fuel. The progression helps to keep up and maintain his body structure due to routine exercise (Flegal, et al, 2008).

Instructional Methods and Teaching Strategies

There are several methods of guiding the obese to reduce their weight, maintain their body shape, and thus reduce the high chances of becoming diabetic. The methods include using exercise programs and video channels that show the methods of doing practices. It also involves showing the correct method of lifting weights and stretching. Use of nutritional chats to show the basic food groups that are necessary for healthy growth. Presentation through overhead projectors to elaborate the best method to practice exercise is also encouraged. In the process, the participants are involved in physical activity like running and doing some exercise. The other method is introducing the participants into the gym which is simple, convenient, and convenient (De young, 2009)

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Instructional Materials, Equipment, and Resources

Patients and family members are interviewed to realize the factors that might have contributed to obesity. This is through listing their day to chores, the food they eat, and the family medical history of anyone who has ever been diagnosed with diabetes. Afterward, obtaining information on the specific running a physical exercise facility which would help in the management. The last should be acquiring of materials which are printed showing the beast healthy foods and how they are cooked.

Evaluation Methods

The understanding of eating healthy and doing some physical exercise is important to control and reduce the chances of becoming obese thus reduction of chances of becoming diabetic. As stated by De Young (2009), “the community, health care workers and providers have the obligation of following the guidelines underlaid to cube obesity in the community”.


The paper has provided a detailed discussion of the correct method to be used in the state of Mississippi on how to control and avoid becoming obese. This will reduce the chances of becoming diabetic. It has also detailed the best ways of maintaining one’s health through eating right and healthy. Finally, the paper has outlined the procedure gone through which a physical exercise that helps in developing the best body structure.


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Yang, W., Kelly, T. & He, J., (2007). Genetic epidemiology of obesity, New York: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins publishers.

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