Creating an Ideal State: Phamagust


Phamagust is an independent country with a population of about 400.000. It is an island state bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the USA. The capital, Gaudium, has a number of architectural sights and a blue lagoon that was used to attract tourists prior to the war. Rehabilitation of the country after hostilities is planned and should be implemented within the next few years. This essay contains information about the domestic and foreign concerns of the state.

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Domestic Concerns

The governing style of Phamagust is democracy as it allows people to choose their leadership through fair elections. The principles of democracy include the rule of law, which means the equality of every person before the law, even government officials (Anuye, Ityavkasa, & Deji, 2017). It also encompasses people’s consent about any changes in the country, and their right to choose representatives in the government.

There are two branches of the government of Phamagust, namely legislative and judicial. The President is the head of the legislative branch, which is in charge of making laws. The Judicial branch interprets laws and controls their implementation by all the inhabitants of the state. If there are some challenges to society, it is addressed by the government through intervention. This intervention aims to achieve the maximum possible prosperity for citizens by introducing public good programs (Del Llano-Senaris, & Moreno, 2018). In Phamagust, there is a need to implement a program that will upgrade the system of public security. It will be achieved through the enhancement of police officers’ training, and an increase in their number in all the districts of the state. The introduction of this program will secure citizens from violence and robberies on the streets of the cities.

Also, the government will implement a program for tourism promotion that will help to get substantial funding for the enhancement of the national defense. The program for tourism promotion includes the restoration of architectural monuments, environmental clean-up, and construction of new malls and amusement centers. The infrastructure of the country will attract tourists and benefit citizens as they will be able to enjoy spending their time in the renovated areas.

In terms of economy, the state has a market economic system, which is regulated by people and law. This system was chosen because it maintains a high level of competition, which guarantees a good quality of produced goods (Filippova, & Tushynska, 2017). Moreover, it gives economic freedom to both customers and producers, because buyers have freedom of choice, while sellers can enjoy the absence of price policy and government control.

In addition, it is planned to create a new flag, emblem, and anthem of the country, which will help to build national unity. Moreover, special groups of patriots will be organized in order to encourage the enhancement of ethnic cohesion. Within these groups, people will have a chance to meet new friends, socialize with each other, and improve their knowledge about the development and history of their land.

Foreign Concerns

For economic and security reasons, Phamagust is going to join two international organizations, namely The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and The World Trade Organization (WTO). NATO is a military organization that guarantees the collective defense of a member state in case of a military attack by other countries. Joining NATO will enable Phamagust to have allied countries that can support the state during military attacks by providing funding or workforce. WTO regulates trade relations of its member countries around the world. Membership in WTO will help Phamagust to strengthen its economy and benefit from the export of national goods and import of scarce commodities. To join these organizations, the government will participate in international summits and discuss the possibility of accession to the organizations with other members. Then, if a request to become a member is approved, Phamagust is going to apply for membership according to the statutes of these institutions.

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There are two ways Phamagust stands against terrorist and domestic threats. Thus, the state combats the neighboring country’s terrorist threat by strengthening border control at the airports and on the high seas. The aforementioned program of public security helps the country to protect its citizens from domestic threats. These measures will prevent terrorists from entering the country and protect citizens from robberies on the streets.


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