Creating an Ideal State: Thorelinia


My country, Thorelinia, covers the territory of 500 square kilometers and has 25 million citizens. We gained independence in 1985, but since then, a dictator was ruling Thorelinia, and the situation with economic, political, and military structures is rather desperate. As a newly elected President, I will create a comprehensive plan for the new government. The plan will include domestic concerns (governing style, domestic programs, economic and social spheres) and foreign issues (international organizations to join, fighting against the terrorist threat). In the conclusion, a summary of the plan will be presented.

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Domestic Concerns

The governing style I will employ is a democracy since it will enable me to consider all citizens’ opinions when making crucial decisions. The main principles correlating to the selected style are openness, involvement, public debate, and due process of law. Democracy is known to promote a positive evolvement of countries (Acemoglu, Naidu, Restrepo, & Robinson, 2019). What is most important is that every person will be able to vote for the party they support, thus, the principle of consideration of others will be installed. There will be three branches of government: executive, legislative, and judicial. In the beginning, the major focus will be on the judicial branch since it will be necessary to punish the supporters of terrorists. The functions of the legislative branch will involve making laws. The duty of the executive will be to control the implementation of new laws and policies.

Two public good domestic programs will be the healthcare and educational reforms. The first one will allow every citizen to receive high-quality healthcare services on the condition that they pay for insurance. Additionally, those citizens who cannot afford to pay will be entitled to several free options. The educational program will be aimed at making education compulsory for every child. The past government neglected this issue, which resulted in a high rate of illiteracy and unemployment. The economic system preferred is the free market economy because it will allow entrepreneurship to flourish, which will result in working places. To create national unity, I will announce a common vision and goals for the country’s development. With the help of these, each organization and neighborhood will be able to get together and join their efforts.

Foreign Concerns

The economic international organization I want Thorelinia to join in the World Trade Organization (WTO). This is a global international system managing the rules of trade between countries. Membership in the WTO will enable the country to arrange business partnerships with various countries and work on the basis of free trade (“The WTO,” n.d.). To promote security, I will enter the United Nations Organization (UN). The reason for choosing this system is its emphasis on security, disarmament, and anti-terrorism (“Overview,” n.d.). To join each of these organizations, I will arrange meetings with their chairmen and members so that I could explain my country’s new vision. I will inquire about the procedure of obtaining membership and will create a plan of fulfilling the requirements. Finally, I will invite some members of these organizations to come to Thorelinia and help us realize the measures necessary for joining them.

A crucial aspect of my work will be combat against the neighboring countries and domestic terrorist threat. The first method I will employ to oppose this negative issue is monitoring potential terrorists. To accomplish this task, I will arrange a thorough investigation of the cases of the former rulers’ supporters and other suspicious activists. The second way is less favorable but probably more effective: public punishment of terrorists. I will make it available for everyone to see how terrorists are penalized for their actions. The suggested measures will bring about two positive outcomes for the country. Firstly, citizens will realize that the government is aware of dangerous plans is doing everything possible to protect the people. Secondly, individuals will be afraid to engage in terrorist actions when they see what punishment expects them.


The suggested plan for the new government of Thorelinia covers the most crucial domestic and foreign issues. The first part contains the discussion of the prospective governing style, its principles and branches, and two public good domestic programs. The second part contains the economic and security organizations I want to join and the ways of fighting against terrorists. When the plan is implemented, Thorelinia will become the most favorable country for citizens and visitors.


Acemoglu, D., Naidu, S., Restrepo, P., & Robinson, J. A. (2019). Democracy does cause growth. Journal of Political Economy, 127(1), 47-100.

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