Databases, E-Commerce, Social Media at the Workplace

What are some ways databases are used in the work environment? What are some ways database use could be improved in the workplace?

A database can simply be defined as a set of similar data organized in a predetermined sequence for ease of retrieval and use. Examples of databases include postal address contact list sand banking systems amongst others. Databases are useful in various ways. For example, commercial banks keep databases containing their customers’ transactions and contact information amongst other customer details.

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The banks use such databases to make critical decisions regarding the creditworthiness of customers. Such information has a significant bearing in the bank’s decisions to advance credit facilities to customers. Credit facilities may include credit cards and personal unsecured loans. In this context, the bank’s database has been used as a decision-making tool.

The use of databases in organizations can be improved by ensuring they contain accurate and current information on the subject matter. Data clerks must ensure that they capture all the needed information. Inconsistencies in the data held among the different entries may disadvantage some of the data subjects. For example, in cases where customers’ contact information is not listed in the bank’s database, such customers may be disadvantaged in several ways. The customers may not receive their bank statements and such customers may not be easily accessed when there is a need to do so. The information contained in the database must also be easily retrievable whenever such information is needed.

What are some of the types of electronic commerce? How they are used today?

Types of electronic commerce include business to business electronic commerce, business to consumer electronic commerce, and business-government electronic commerce. Other types of electronic commerce include consumer to consumer electronic commerce and consumer to business electronic commerce amongst others. Business to business electronic commerce is manifested through company websites, electronic procurement sites, information sites, and broker sites.

On the other hand, the business to consumer electronic commerce involves of sale of services and products to end-users. Consumer electronic commerce has been branded as electronic tailing in certain business circles. One of the critical components of electronic commerce is electronic payment platforms which enable the transfer of money over the internet. Such platforms include the use of credit cards over the internet.

Do you think that social networking tools can be relevant in the workplace? Why do you think about this?

Social networking tools are increasingly becoming relevant in the modern workplace due to several factors. Social networking tools connect thousands and millions of people in a virtual world where they share their experiences amongst other issues. Sometimes people share positive and negative experiences of their interactions with a company’s products and services. They also share experiences of their interactions with the company’s employees. Such experiences shared over social networking tools may drive businesses to profitability or downfall. It is in this context that it is becoming increasingly necessary for major brands to maintain an online presence through social networking tools.

What are two of the most popular database vendors in the marketplace? What are the pros and cons of each vendor? What are some issues you would consider in deciding to select a database vendor for an organization you work for?

Oracle is one of the popular database vendors. The other popular database vendor includes Siebel database amongst others. The use of the oracle database requires more skills and technical know-how in the execution of functionalities. However, with the requisite skills, oracle provides a seamless execution of functionalities. On the other hand, the use of the Siebel database has been praised for the diversity of functionalities that can be performed. In this context, Siebel databases are highly rated in diverse fields such as marketing and customer service amongst others. One of the issues to be considered before the choice of a particular database vendor is the technical skills of the staff to use the application.

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