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Parenting Styles in Situational Examples

  • Situation # 1
    • My child spills a half-gallon of milk all over the table. The table is set for breakfast. Of course, my first emotions will be a bit negative. I spend a certain period to prepare breakfast and present a good table. However, it is my child who cannot behave perfectly all the time. It is why I try not to cry and start looking for a napkin to clean the table, but I do not demonstrate to the child that I am ready to clean everything by myself. I try to demonstrate my disappointment to the child and ask him/her to find a towel to clean everything independently. This very action helps the child comprehend that his/her mistake has its consequences, and it is necessary to be responsible for any mistake.
  • Situation # 2
    • My girl is going to visit an important holiday, but suddenly falls and dirties her dress. Of course, I will try to support my child. It does not matter what time it is now people can wait a bit. First of all, I check whether my daughter has some injuries to take care of, then I think about another dress, and help her to change the clothes. It does not take much time if we cooperate. I encourage her to take each step quickly to have a chance to see something captivating during the meeting.
  • Situation # 3
    • My 3-year old son plays in the kitchen and makes several crayon marks on my plastic table-cloth. Well, I finally see that the talent of m child is great. He has found crayons, and I have been looking for them for several days. Of course, I knew that my old table-cloth was pretty without his marks, but still, it was my mistake that I do not watch him properly. This is why I give him another piece of paper and ask him to draw one more picture there. I take a photo of the old table-cloth and look for a new one somewhere. Also, I say my child that he should better draw something on paper only and remember to buy a package of paper next time.
  • Situation # 4
    • My 5-year-old child breaks three glasses in the department store. My reaction will be rather negative. He knows how to behave in department stores, and his behavior was not appropriate. It means that now, he should be punished. He does not go outside for a certain period and no TV. He has to spend some time in his room and then help me to do the house. As for the situation at the shop, I have nothing to do but pay for the mistake, made by my son.
  • Question # 5
    • Telling the truth, the financial situation of my family should not reflect on my children. Even the income is not that high, I try not to demonstrate these problems to my children. I have certain duties and have to treat my children perfectly. Of course, I try to explain to my children that they should behave more properly and think about the consequences to create a better future. This is why my answers will not change because the most important people in my life are my children.

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