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Can Marriage End Poverty?

The role of marriage

  1. Marriage and poverty are sensitive issues especially when matters about a family’s well-being remain a priority. Marriage is the unification of a man and a female; furthermore, it should be legal. Conversely, poverty is a state when one lives under unfavorable conditions due to a shortage of finances. Marry-Ann in his book “marriages and families”, describes how “policymakers of the United States of America” view marriage as ending poverty in many families. In their endeavor to address this issue, they ask themselves many questions. They analyze issues of drug misuse and premature school drop out about the marriage. In their report, these policymakers conclude that, though marriages to some degree alleviate poverty, not all marriages can do so. Only marriages build on sound principles can achieve such a feat (Ann 178).
  2. During oldens times, marriage was an imperative stage in life. As long as we continue exploring this topic, man is poor if he fails to marry. Previously, man’s death would mean that people that were likely to inherit his wealth would not be available. Therefore, marriage to them meant a lot. The issue of marriage and poverty was subject to analysis from such a dimension (Debian)
  3. Marriage in families plays very imperative roles. Children who are born in marriages receive support, upon comparison to children who grow in single families. This could be in terms of moral, social, and even emotional support. In matters of financial support, then it could favor children from stable marriages. Some parents though not married, are more monetarily stable. Therefore, in our effort to recognize whether marriage can end poverty, some exceptions deserve consideration. Most cultures encouraged marriage at some age in a person’s life span.
  4. Concurrently, marriage has both excellent and ghastly results for families. As we had highlighted before, if two of the partners are working, then pooling resources would be a distinct factor. That means that they can spare some money for their children’s education. Additionally, it would be easy to survive to incase of job imbalances. Marriage also poses negatives to the well being of the couple. A certain study on two groups of people shows that a poor woman who has children before she is married will most likely end up marrying a pitiable man. In such an episode, it means that the two will never support each other as it is expected. Thus, in such a situation, matrimony would be subject to disregard as long as poverty alleviation is a concern (Debman).

Marriage in Russia

“Woman of Russia” is an organization of women in Russia that is against the idea that marriage should be preferred as the only way to eliminate poverty. Even though it undergoes many financial challenges, it has remained firm in its effort to empower women to be self-sustaining. It works through holding workshops on the job training and devising ways of sustaining the unwaged women. It has been working with “International Women’s organization” and the “World Bank” (Racciopi 321).

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In the city of Baltimore, a faction of graduates has been undergoing training for about five months on how to be good couples. This is with the motive of educating them on how to handle family issues and conflicts. In the report, the study recommends that parents and children lifestyle will improve. This is because when all parents are operational, it will be easier to save for an emergency. This in return will help them in case of future imbalances in their livelihood. In an event of a single parent, it would be hard to cope with such changes in case the earnings are minimal.

Debian believes that marriage alone cannot end poverty. In his work, he tries to interlace affairs and work thus how the two can redeem people out of poverty. Currently, he has not produced a well predictable exploration showing how marriage can end poverty. Instead, he promises to conduct such research very soon (Debman).

President Bush of America during his reign established an initiative that was geared towards making sure that all adults marry. In his plan, the program was focusing typically on single parents. It was meant to help them gain good relationship skills. His proposal came at a time when sociologists had started to believe in marriage as a way of poverty alleviation. He also believed that young ones raised by both parents attained parental awareness (Frances 165).

“Heritage Foundation is an organization based in America”. In their efforts to understanding some of the facets contributing to a deficiency in numerous countries, they realized that marriage plays a very big role in preventing poverty other than alleviating it. The foundation has been working tirelessly thus publishing a magazine called “America’s No. 1 “Weapon against Childhood Poverty” (World Bank 34). Concerning this, they affirm that marriage reduces poverty by “82 percent”. Consequently, the sum by challenging us to practice, observe people around us who live in utter poverty. They are very sure many are single mothers who have children (Debman par 6).

Municipalities are key players in Ontario, working tirelessly to improve the standards of living for its citizens. “The consolidated municipal service managers” (CMSMs) and “District Social Services Administration Boards” (DSSABs) take the directive of delivering the most basic services to the citizens (Debman). They believe that poverty reduction is not tenable solely but collaboration. What these municipalities of Ontario acknowledge is that poverty is authentic and it affects a lot of people in the world.

Additional key players incorporate local governments such as the municipality of Ontario as evident in the “Hamilton round table” which is working tirelessly thus reducing poverty by at least two percent. They are striving so flamboyantly to tackle the predicament. We note that there are many challenges encountered in the provision of these services, such as shortage of funds and hence the need for funding from the government.

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Valoprest is an organization founded by two charismatic women in the year 2000. Bernadette Festor and Elisabeth Parachini are their names. Despite it being a very risky venture, they decided to take all those risks to create jobs for many jobless men and women in society (Racioppi 34). They never believed that women should be married to end poverty in their families. Instead, they acknowledge that work was the best solution. Their company deals with recycling waste materials and repackaging them into usable merchandise. Valoprest today has employed around sixty employers, fifteen being employed permanently.

A study undertaken by former Clinton administrators shows that poverty in many countries in the USA could be eliminated by fulfilling the following. First, all people should go to school and accomplish standards for that matter. Secondly, working and family planning practices are equally paramount. Brooking in his study concluded that people are poor out of the will. He concludes, “In our endeavor to fight poverty, we must educate our people to be good in making choices” (Debman).

In connection to this, he argues that culture contributes a lot to many social issues in society. This is especially the case when we look at our education system, crime rates, and the countrywide debt. Enlightening practices are not effortless to revolutionize. It is seemingly hard to come up with a law that governs how some issues related to our cultural practices should be handled. This leaves us unaided with some concerns. This is because many issues related to culture are private. For example, it is hard to restrict people to have children out of matrimony. Such events augment poverty.

“Strengths and weaknesses”

Entities can win in their fight against the issue that marriage can end poverty because of government support. It becomes even easier for them to create opportunities for women because of the funding they get. An example is Ontario City, which is capable of providing fundamental requirements to citizens because of the transparency and the teamwork they portray. The two founders of Valoprest organization are entrepreneurs who are great risk takers and result in oriented individuals. They also gain a lot of support from the government in the desire to nurture their idea.


Most individuals who are the founder of these organizations have some weak points. This is concerning the fact that some are just mere individuals without any stake in the government. Consequently, it becomes hard for them to access funds to start their projects (Ann 97). They also have difficulties with obtaining the legal documents required to implement their projects.


These key players opposing the issue that marriage can end poverty present very convincing ideas. For example, it would be very wrong to believe that marriage can end poverty in a situation whereby both individuals are poor in the first place. Contrary, they believe that the only way to solve this problem is through education and women securing jobs. This can enhance sustainability in case both parents are in good jobs. Those for my idea believe that marriage allows children to grow morally. The idea of not having fewer children is a matter of concern. This is factual since few children are easier to manage.

Marriage in the USA

  1. In as much as “Oregon law of the United States of America”, champions for women to work, it limits working hours for such women (McBride 235). “The National Commission for women act” was set up in1990. It has been set on a revision to cater to the changing needs of women. It is an Indian based initiative for alleviating poverty among women. Many countries in Africa have initiated labor laws aimed at removing restrictions that do not favor women in work places. These laws provide the number of hours that a woman should work and their work conditions (World Bank 237). Reports from researchers show that the laws are working well for the issue.
  2. This has led to monetary self-government and improved living standards. According to similar laws, marriage is appropriate but it should not be adopted as the only way to fight poverty in families (Kirk 3).
  3. Because of continued support from government, organizations, and individuals, work and education will be the only way to end poverty in the future.
  4. I would recommend that more organizations support the idea that marriage cannot end poverty thus devise ways of handling joblessness. The governments should also come with more laws favoring women in the job market.

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