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Detailed Summary on the Latest Tendencies in Aviation


Modern society is constantly changing. The issues of present-day business and economics require immediate examining and exploration. There is the necessity to provide the objective outline and analysis of the most significant questions that reflect the main tendencies of the development of definite industries as branches of economics.

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Aviation can be considered as the most frequently developed branch of the contemporary economics. To provide the general vision of the modern trends in the aviation business progress, it is important to give the summary of the latest changes in this industry.

The viewpoint of the Eurocontrol on the problem of using lasers in aviation

One of the most crucial questions that appeared recently as the point for discussion is the problem of using lasers in the world aviation. The cause for the debates on the problem became the speech of a Eurocontrol safety expert Dragica Stankovic. She accentuated on the frequent occurrences of the incidents which were the results of careless and dangerous usage of the lasers.

There were presented the facts that today wrong using of lasers may affect in blinding the pilots and air traffic controllers. This fact may result in the increasing level of air incidents. Moreover, there must be implemented the measures of regulating and limiting the fact of incorrect using of lasers.

New rules for airline-ticket websites

The next aspect of the development of aviation industry that attracted the people’s attention is the problem of arranging new rules in the working process of airline-ticket websites. The question is in the necessity to make these rules stronger with the help of improving the whole procedure.

The key aspects that need changing were provided by the experts of the European Union. They reflected the requirements to alter the peculiarities of providing the prices on tickets and extra fees. These changes should be implemented as the approach to improve the system for consumers.

The disagreement on the problem of delivery

During the last weeks the public was interested in the process of debating on the disagreement between Cargolux Airlines International and Boeing Commercial Airplanes. The cause for the dispute was the problem in the contract. It concerned the issue of not meeting the definite guarantees from the contract between the companies. As a result, Cargolux Airlines International refused the possibility to get delivery of the plane. However, today the companies came to the solution of the controversial question.

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The results of the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Europe 2011 conference

The most important event of the end of September is the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Europe 2011 conference. The conference was led to analyze the latest challenges in the industry and to provide the effective solutions to the most debatable issues. The results of the conference can be summarized according to the viewpoints of the representatives of the companies who discussed the dependence of the industry on the processes of the development of equipment manufactures and other producers.

The participants of the conference provided the ideas of forming airline alliances to prevent the possible negative influence of the manufactures. Thus, the suggestion of close partnership of the companies was introduced to the public.

The challenges of using biofuels for aviation

The problem of using biofuels for aviation is widely discussed during the last days, and it involves some aspects which are significant for studying. In Copenhagen the meaning of the industry processes in providing clean energy was discussed recently. The most important cause for the debates was the problem of air pollution and environmental protection. The biofuels were considered as the possible method to reduce the negative effect on the environment.

There were also discovered the advantages of using biofuels as the alternatives to other fuels. Furthermore, the opportunity to use the biofuels was presented as the quickest way for changing the situation in the industry. The usage of biofuels can lead to the transformation of the current processes in modern aviation. Moreover, it requires the changes in controlling system.

The problem of using fuels was also discussed in France. There was the question of the possibility to use blending of technical and cooking oil for the industry. The fact of using a fuel blend by an Air France Airbus A321 was presented as one of the most influential argument to the question. The airplane flew from Toulouse, France, to Paris, and it could carry more than 200 passengers.

The reason for this was the approval from ASTM International. There was discussed the possibility of using fuel made from organic substances and mixed with petroleum-derived fuel.

According to the approval the companies can add to the petroleum-derived fuel up to 50 percent of biofuel. As a result, definite airlines began to use such blending for their flights.

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The possibility to reduce the harmful effect to the environment was considered as the most significant. The further analysis of the question gave the conclusions that this method allowed to decrease the negative impact of CO2 along with noise emissions. This fact contributed to the advantages of using biofuels and biofuel blends.

Along with the problem of using biofuels as the ways to prevent the process of environmental protection and the process of ceasing the negative impacts the issue of reducing gas emissions appeared.

The issues of the European Union Emissions

The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme was organized as the first international trading system for carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the world. The activity of the organization allowed to implement the effective ways to prevent the climate changes which are the results of the environmental protection.

There were worked out the mechanisms of reducing of greenhouse gas effects and developed the emissions in an efficient manner. Nevertheless, some countries from European Union consider the situation from another point of view, and the European Union laws can allow some airlines being keeping out of the program of emissions trading system. It is possible if the home countries of these airplanes have the similar measures in limiting and controlling the process and its negative effects. Italy is among these countries.

The analyzing of the latest changes and tendencies in the development of the aviation industry and co-industries can provide an objective vision of the most controversial aspects of the question. During the last period there were a lot of events that greatly influenced on the further progress of the industry and gave the possibilities for implementing innovative technologies and effective solutions in the process of the aviation industry development.

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