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Discussion of Communication as Path of God Understanding

The post of Kendra addresses the essential topic regarding the role of communication in human life. The author of the post elaborates on the rewarding system in education and emphasizes the role of communication in learning. The most astonishing about my classmates’ work is the real-life examples and Biblical connotations. Kendra’s experience one more time proves the correlation between the rewarding system and education, allowing the students to critically analyze the situation and determine the pros and cons of particular actions. The fact that Kendra learned history through the English lessons shows another miracle that is happening today.

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Actually, communication is another rightful path through which people can understand the power and kindness of Jesus. It is a miracle that He has granted to people. Therefore, communication makes us complete and helps to overcome life hardships. Through the means of understanding, acceptance, and communication, a rewarding system can be created. As it is stated in our textbook, understanding that there will be a reward, people will have the choice and desire to strive for particular outcomes (Ormord, 2020). The same goes for Jesus, He never tried to persuade people to follow Him. Understanding the miracle of being with Him, which can be considered a reward, can lead people to Jesus and miracles.

The ideas put in Kendra’s post are consistent with my own perception of this topic. I totally agree that learning should be engaging. Communication can contribute to creating a positive atmosphere during lessons and encourage students to learn faster. The rewarding system can be implemented as a subsidiary one to teach students to correlate the work they should perform with their abilities, considering their reward.

However, there is one aspect in Kendra’s work that I believe is pretty controversial. The individual syllabus for students can be considered from two perspectives: positive and negative. On the one hand, as Kendra mentioned, such an approach contributes to the students’ better time management. On the other hand, learning with the individual plan can limit the communication within the class, which is contrary to the post’s main idea. From my point of view, the individual syllabus is not an essential part of engaging education. It is also vital to mention Kendra’s idea that a rewarding system is not bribery is quite logical. Thus, when implemented appropriately, it becomes a helpful instrument to teach students to manage their time and abilities.

The issue of the reward is consistently mentioned in Bible. Thinking about this system’s academic and biblical interpretation, the story depicted in John 4: 1-3 crosses my mind. Jesus Christ encouraged the scorned woman by granting her wish. This is a perfect example of the rewarding system. Later we can see that following Jesus, the woman has completely changed her life for the better. The tool to implement the rewarding system is communication. Through the philosophical discussion, Jesus learned the intentions and desires of a miserable Samaritan woman. Even though He knew from the very beginning what hardships she was coming through, he adjusted the communication allowing her to tell the truth. Therefore, the rewarding system should never be considered bribery because it comes from Jesus’s scriptures. What makes it different is the communicational component aiming at acceptance. Thus, this system can be applied in educational aims to enhance the students’ engagement.


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