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Predestination: The Theological Concept

In theology, predestination is the belief that God has predetermined all events, generally concerning the person’s ultimate fate. Predestination interpretations frequently attempt to resolve the “phenomenon of free will,” in which God’s omniscience appears irreconcilable with human free will. Predestination can be seen as a type of religious determinism in this context, especially predeterminism, commonly referred to as theological determinism. In order to realize the potential, a person should not entirely rely on predestination while making decisions. Still, he has to take action and try new activities so that the Almighty will provide his assistance.

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To my mind, predestination plays an important role in the social life of people who actively profess a particular religion and are actively involved in the process of prayer. From the point of view of many religions, the initial purpose is the fundamental element that a person is endowed with even before his birth. It is obligatory to emphasize that this concept is related to those faiths, where the central object of worship is a single God or some of his other incarnations, The teachings of various cultures assert that people are not possible to be empty and that each individual has some inherent qualities, intentions, objectives, and destiny. A believer thus knows that all the actions he commits are not accidental and are provided for by the Almighty. With the help of the concept of predetermination, the main essence of religion is formed, which lies in the non-randomness of events and the non-uselessness of people. Consequently, an element of faith in earthly life and subsequent spiritual life follows from this.

Predestination is the idea transferred into the notion of the distribution of roles and responsibilities in society. If the Almighty has advance plans for a specific person, then, accordingly, he endows him with certain talents and abilities. People are not similar, and differences are formed mainly due to distinct origins and inherent potentials. The distribution of roles and tasks in society follows from the concept of purpose and the presence of specific talents.

Based on the information that I received from the video, it can be concluded that predetermination should not be a factor that will influence the decision-making process. Considering the video lecture, I learned that all actions are not spontaneous, but they are done by us on the basis of our motives. For Allah, according to the information from the speaker, to carry out the predetermined events with regards to a particular person and to facilitate his life path, his action and desire are necessary. Therefore, if a person does not make any effort, is inactive, and does not have any desire to realize his abilities, then he has an opportunity not to recognize his true destiny.

To summarize, predestination is the concept that all events, including a person’s ultimate fate, have been planned by God. The “hypothesis of free will,” in which God’s ubiquity looks incompatible with human free will, is commonly addressed in predestination explanations. Based on the facts I gathered from the video, it is possible to conclude that predetermination should not be a key component in the decision-making process. The speaker stated that all acts are not spontaneous but rather are carried out by us based on our intentions. A person understands his true purpose only if he decides to act independently, develop, and, thereby, receive support and advice from the Almighty.

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