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Eric Schmidt’s Speech on Google Inc.’s Future

Introduction: Background

Representing literally “the best” of corporate values, i.e., “the energy,” “the enthusiasm” (Stop CEO 00:00:19), Google, Inc. is clearly among the top most successful companies of the XXI century. In his recent speech, the CEO of Google, Inc., Eric Schmidt has outlined the perspectives for Google’s further evolution.

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Audience Analysis

The size of the audience is quite hard to evaluate since the focus of the camera was on the speaker. It can be assumed that there were about one hundred people. Eric Schmidt appealed to the audience by acknowledging their intelligence and speaking in a very straightforward fashion.

Content Analysis

Work Completed: Though, as Schmidt stressed, the Google Company is only starting its new strategy regarding the change in relationships between the customer and the company, Google has already made a giant leap towards restructuring its consumer service and communication principles. First and foremost, the realization of the significance of the fact that the information, which was previously meant for the company, the staff, and those related to the Google, Inc. can and should be made available to customers is major progress for the corporation. While Google’s policy was always directed at the customer-focused strategies, recognizing the customer as a match in intelligence and amount of knowledge concerning technology presupposes that the company has progressed to a new stage of communication with its clients.

Work to Be Completed: As Schmidt explained, there is a direct correlation between the information that is available to an average citizen and the economic growth of the entire state (Stop CEO 00:04:43). As a result, it is crucial that the principle of information sharing should be employed in the organizational and production process of Google, Inc. The availability of data helps spread awareness regarding specific issues and, therefore, contributes to people growing smarter, as Schmidt put it. Therefore, it is crucial for the Google Company at present to focus on the improvement of its customer communication process, as well as work on its information management in general. Schmidt’s performance has shown that the Google, Inc. leaders understand the significance of information and its correct disposal; more to the point – they are ready to establish an open and straightforward dialogue with their customers.

Therefore, it is crucial for the Google Company at present to manage its customer relationships. As Schmidt stressed, the leaders of Google, Inc. are willing to show their clients how the company appreciates them. Schmidt has put a very strong emphasis on the fact that Google leaders consider their customers smart and intelligent (Stop CEO 00:05:04). Hence, Google is facing a major challenge of searching for a strategy that will allow combining efficient communication with customers and analyzing the feedback that these customers provide. For the company to succeed in its endeavors, not only a careful analysis of the customers’ responses to the questionnaires and surveys but also the improvement of the company’s customer relationship strategy and the facilitation of customer satisfaction are of huge importance. The key challenge is to convince both the current clients and the potential customers that Google, Inc. considers each of its customers an intelligent and knowledgeable person.

Conclusion: Anticipated Problems

Although the goals that Schmidt has mentioned in his speech seem rather clear, their implementation may be fraught with a range of complexities. Seeing how in the age of technology, most people are able to learn to use the devices that “they haven’t really seen before” (Stop CEO 00:28:52) within a relatively short amount of time, it will be quite complicated to maintain the balance between showing appreciation for the customers’ intelligence and at the same time provide very detailed instructions without insulting the clients’ intelligence (Guffey and Loewy 3).

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