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Ethics Game Simulation in Business

According to Beauchamp, Norman & Denis (2003), Simulation by definition is the act of undertaking a Xerox of some condition of the issues or the processes that are mostly meant for the depiction of some particular traits of a chosen existing physical phenomenon. Simulation has for long been used in many fields to make people undertake processes that were not able to be done under the normal conditions as this creation of frustration does rise the hormone adrenaline in the human body hence making the person to jump into a field of higher performance without and further delays. The simulation created in different disciplines does have varied impacts according to the situation fueling it and the environmental impacts that are surrounding a person. In a nutshell simulation is in many perspectives viewed as the critical customer sing of the natural process and mechanism with the aim of gaining a better understanding of the ways of their functioning. Due to simulation, I was on one day made to undertake the processes of managing an economic market that had been experiencing a monopolistic type of competition to make the most rational decisions and run the place with a lot of expertise and skill and in span of a very short duration I was supposed to ensure that other firms are also able to get into the market and get out of it with ease and the count of the people coming to buy and sell is to the number that is needed for such a market. Beyond this, the whole thing should be able to show some form of product differentiation and the long run benefit tot the economy should be at zero. Out of simulation I had to take decisions that allowed all the participants to be small in such a way that they not able to influence the way the market shall be moving towards yet each of the parties shall be having some degree of controlling the price due to the availability of different products. The decisions that required this whole issue to go on were related and needed a lot concentration to enact which was to be delayed if made in a normal situation. Simulation enabled the management of the market within few minutes and the results were favorable and as expected.

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Values, virtues and morals are all behavioral concepts and are related in u one way or the other yet they are very influential in convincing other people on the varied facts. Values do have the rules that enhance our making of decisions concerning a right and a wrong or the issues that are either have to be taken or dropped. The fact that they do give the impression of the right or the wrong undertaking is very useful in simulation circumstances. The morals on the other hand have a beyond drought social trait of the values and these are highly accepted in the society (Beauchamp, Norman & Denis,2003). Morals and values do blend into virtues as per individual taking and are very relative when one is simulating, just the right mannered and behaved persons are able to pull through a simulation test. Simulation is at my place of work is very useful because it does give the members of the unit the morale that is extraordinary to do things that are requiring a longer duration of time and expertise. Economics students are put into situations randomly at hand requiring them to mange it with limited time and this bring in the culture of caring for the resources which I the main goal of economics.

The external pressure does influence the business ethics to a very large extent. Beyond the immediate environment, the related conditions are also very influential to the business ethical requirements as they may make one person to behave in manner that is not allowed. This external factors can either influence the members involved into action, can create a demotivational instance that leads to taking of actions or can create scenes that make the other person feel like he does not belong and this would make him sparkle into action. For instance, a junior staff may be convinced by peers that the conditions of work are not to the standards and he is being exploited by actually having to work for the current sector and due t this he may end up storming into the human resource office and cause a scene that could have been avoided if he had thought of the whole issue without an external facilitator. The eternal conditions then do cause great influences on the business work ethics and the general conditions and performances.


Beauchamp, T.L., Norman E. B. & Denis G.A. (2003). Ethical Theory and Business. New York, NY: Prentice Hall.

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