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Euthanasia Decision Regarding Christian Worldview


The selected case presents the story of George who is suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). This is a terminal condition that results in the loss of muscle control and coordination. Professionals providing services to patients with similar illnesses should focus on different issues to achieve their objectives, such as religious views and cultural values. The purpose of this paper is to apply the Christian worldview and ethical and moral principles to George’s situation in order to propose the best decision regarding euthanasia.

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Christian Narrative

Christians have a unique worldview that dictates their behaviors, thoughts, actions, and how they interact with their colleagues. They acknowledge that there is a Supreme Being who forms their prime reality (Liégeois & De Schrijver, 2018). He is the source of wisdom and He created human beings in His image. Christians should be aware of the existence of pain and suffering on earth and how they should never lose sight of the greatest reward after overcoming all challenges. These aspects of Christianity explain why George will be ready to interpret his suffering appropriately.

George’s Interpretation of Suffering: Fallenness of the World

Using the Christian narrative, George will appreciate the fact that man is born with the original sin that Adam and Eve committed. This understanding explains why all people have an instinct to do what is wrong and injure others. The occurrence and presence of diseases is a sign of this failure and how God uses them to punish man or remind him to get closer to his creator than ever before (Monteverde, 2017). The position of Satan in the universe is another attribute for describing the fallenness of the world. Due to this complex character of human beings, God sent His son to rescue them from sin and make it easier for them to become part of His eternal kingdom.

With this kind of knowledge, George’s suffering will no longer trouble him. Instead, he will be ready to repent and ask for forgiveness. He will establish stronger or better relationships with his friends and colleagues. Such kind of understanding will also encourage him to consider doing what is right, follow the Ten Commandments, and fast in order to receive God’s mercies (Liégeois & De Schrijver, 2018). He will engage in prayers and praise God whenever possible. With very little to do regarding his illness, George will remain peaceful and let God’s will or plan take place.

George’s Interpretation of Suffering: Hope and Resurrection

One of the key values Christians pursue is that of hope. The Bible encourages them to remain vigilant and expect God’s blessings upon their lives. They should pray, fast, and give offerings in order to be part of His kingdom. This concept of hope will guide and make it possible for George to have a different view of his suffering. It is agreeable that this faith will empower him to focus on a better life after death (Liégeois & De Schrijver, 2018). He will also be optimistic and appreciate the idea that nothing is permanent on earth. This admission will ensure that George remains calm in order to overcome his condition.

Additionally, the idea of resurrection is a fundamental attribute associated with the teachings of Christ. According to Monteverde (2017), Jesus Christ managed to overcome death, thereby declaring God’s power and ability to every person. Those who follow His commandments will eventually resurrect and join other holy people in heaven. The presence of a disease in George’s body is, therefore, something that should not discourage him from being faithful and targeting His final reward. He should be convinced that one day he will overcome death. This analysis means that a Christian narrative is a powerful tool that can make it possible for all believers to deal with suffering and record positive health outcomes within a short period.

Christian Worldview

As George contemplates life with ALS, the Christian worldview will inform his view about the value of life. This is the case since it presents powerful ideas and insights that many believers take seriously to achieve their spiritual goals. The worldview reveals that all things come from God, including life. This means that human beings are on earth to serve Him and do what is right. They should also proclaim His gospel to all people and make it possible for them to know more about His greatness. Christian believers should understand that the purpose of life is to fulfill God’s intentions on earth, support those in need, and always do what is right (Liégeois & De Schrijver, 2018). They should remain ethical and avoid hurting other creatures or human beings. They should also make sure that their bodies are holy since they are created in God’s image.

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These attributes of the Christian worldview will encourage George to develop a better understanding of his life as a person. Although he might be experiencing intense suffering and pain, the patient will accept the situation and allow God’s wishes to take place. He will remain committed to his life and avoid doing any harm to his body (Liégeois & De Schrijver, 2018). He will also pray and fast because such practices are essential for every Christian believer. Since his life is a gift from God, George will be required to respect it and do what is right in His eyes. Such measures and practices will ensure that he eventually joins His Kingdom.

Values and Considerations

The decision to opt for euthanasia or not can benefit significantly from specific values and considerations in accordance with the Christian worldview. Christian ethics encourages believers to take good care of one another. This value means that George should not select euthanasia since his friends and relatives will remain supportive (Liégeois & De Schrijver, 2018). The idea of love is essential because it guides members of this religion to empower and guide each other. Those who are sick require adequate attention and support.

The concept of repentance also encourages George to ask for God’s forgiveness instead of opting for euthanasia. Respect for life and all of God’s creation is a powerful consideration that challenges any form of physician-assisted suicide (Monteverde, 2017). Christians are expected to take good care of their bodies, avoid sin, and always do what is right. The Bible also presents numerous teachings that discourage people from killing one another. This commandment is a powerful guideline that will ensure that George makes an informed choice regarding the ethical question of euthanasia. The Christian worldview goes further to guide believers to respect God’s creation and support His goals on earth. One of them is protecting the sick and making it possible for them to lead high-quality lives.

Options for George

The presented scenario indicates that George’s medical condition has resulted in intense pain. From a Christian worldview or perspective, it would be morally acceptable for him to acknowledge that both pain and happiness come from God. Specific reasons can be presented to support this argument. Firstly, Christians have to respect life and support one another while on earth. This means that the most ethical thing to do is to avoid the idea of euthanasia (Terkamo-Moisio et al., 2016). Secondly, George and his family members should collaborate, engage in prayers, and repent. Thirdly, they can inspire and encourage him to remain strong and always focus on the best actions and decisions. Such spiritual practices will eventually take him closer to God’s eternal paradise.

Personal Opinion

Being in a similar situation, I would consider the importance of evidence-based medical services and engage in prayers. I will repent and identify appropriate measures that will make it easier for me to lead a positive life even if I am suffering from ALS. Since life is precious, I will not elect euthanasia or suicide. I will encourage my relatives to support me throughout this troublesome period. Such measures will ensure that I record positive health outcomes (Terkamo-Moisio et al., 2016). Even if I die, I will rest assured that I have completed my roles on earth. This means that I will eventually become part of God’s kingdom.


The above discussion has revealed that religious worldviews can guide people to make evidence-based decisions whenever dealing with complex issues, such as suicide and euthanasia. Since George is experiencing intense suffering because of his ALS condition, he needs to focus on the Christian worldview to record positive outcomes. Additionally, all practitioners involved should consider the values described above in order to offer culturally competent medical services.


Liégeois, A., & De Schrijver, S. (2018). Christian ethical boundaries of suicide prevention. Religions, 9(1), 30-38. Web.

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