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Global Politics: Women’s Rights, Economy, Globalization


The Modern times and age the political scene has witnessed a tremendous shift from the traditional national political systems. Governments over the past years have been actively involved in sustaining the security, national welfare of their citizens, and the protection of human rights within their boundaries. Political activities have transcended national borders via global movements, societies, and NGOs. The advancement in technology and the tremendous development have facilitated global politics. Global politics is of importance because it seeks to analyze global economic and political interactions. The position of women in global politics; their participation, rights, and equality in politics is critical because women are the builders of a society therefore, they must be allowed to be a part of global politics. Globally, women’s struggle for equal opportunities and the participation of women in politics has dominated their movements. Globalization as another critical phenomenon in global politics is of importance because globalization is the integration of the people of the world through economic, socio-cultural, and technological forces. This means that with time, political outfits have interlinked.

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Women’s rights in global politics

The representation of women in democratic institutions globally is still wanting. Statistics from the Interparliamentary council reveal that women only make up 17.6% of the national parliament U.S.A. The concept of democracy in the world is gaining a new image with the entry of women politicians. It is not only the question of the numbers of women participating in global politics but stress is put on the impact and practical influence of women in politics in identifying strategies to promote the full participation of women in global politics. The emergence of transnational feminist networks illustrates the impact of women in global politics. Conditions of globalization have facilitated women’s politics by the use of the internet and communication technologies. The resultant outcome of this is the explosion of the desire to enhance women’s role in global politics. Globalization poses opposition to feminist politics by the politicization of theological forces (Ireland, P 1997). In September 1997, the Cairo Universal Declaration on Democracy urged parliaments and governments of the world to promote a genuine partnership between men and women in drawing mutual enrichment from their differences.

Women have had many obstacles in their pursuit of political office in the world. According to the U.N, New Zealand was the first country to grant women the right to vote in 1893. Feminist ideas and women’s experience in nationalism, multiculturalism, nationalism, and citizenship have developed ideas on how women’s participation in politics has shaped global politics. The long-term impact of women’s participation in politics in recent years is seen in the increasing number of women serving in public offices. The increasing presence of women in public office is making a difference in gender-related public policies and political processes. A strong relationship exists between women’s occupation and their political participation. Within the global women’s movement, the women are not unified. Those from industrialized countries focus on equal pay and policies against sexual harassment while those in developing countries concentrate on health care and education.

Globalisation and politics

Political globalization is evident in the increasing number and power of human associations which in turn governs the whole world. The establishment of continental associations such as The European Union (EU) African Unity (AU) and The Association of Southeast Asian Nations is the implication of the political globalization process. It is significant to note that the rise in international treaties and agreements has a considerable political influence on nations as players in global politics. A major response to the rise of global power is the rise of world non-governmental organizations to cover issues of trade, environment, and political networks.

Ray, J, and Kaarbo, J (2004) report on the growing importance of the global economy and global culture in shaping world politics. Contemporary issues such as international conflicts, economic alliances, and terrorism h together, mostly for the sake of the children. When companies are downsizing in the effort to keep up with globalization, it is the women who are most affected because they usually comprise the disposable lot.

However, the impact of globalization and gender hierarchies in global politics are significant issues that pattern modern politics. Access to information and women empowerment has motivated women to stand and challenge men in politics that were traditionally men-dominated. Figures such as Senator Hillary Clinton and the German chancellor are key female political icons that have demonstrated women’s prowess in global politics.


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