Globalization and Cultural Hybridization

Globalization is one of the most important aspects of the modern world. It affects all spheres of human activity starting from education, policy, management, and ending with art, culture, etc. However, one should keep in mind that it is not a single process but a set of issues affecting the world and promoting the appearance of crucial changes in peoples mentalities and worldviews. Therefore, there are such trends as hybridization, homogenization, or differentialism (Smith 29). These affect the modern society by creating new ideas and suggesting unusual perspectives on the world and its further evolution.

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Speaking about these, we should say that hybridization is a process characterized by blending cultures, taking its most outstanding elements, and creating a new unique entity with unique properties and different from the initial ones (Smith 29). It results in the significant reconsideration of their identity without altering the fundamentals (Smith 29). Individuals preserve some unusual aspects of their mentality stipulated by culture; however, at the same time, they might look at their roots from the perspective formed under the impact of new culture or aspects of culture. In such a way, we could now observe diverse phenomena like barbeque or sushi that become popular throughout the world due to the globalization, interaction of cultures, and hybridization. I think it is a central element of the coherent society as it results in the improved understanding between representatives of different cultures and stipulates the appearance of significant shifts in peoples mentalities.

Moreover, globalization could shape cultures in the way they will look similar and lose their unique identity (Smith 30). This process is often called homogenization. We could now see it in numerous attempts to copy the Western way of life by other peoples or cultures. Very often it results in the extrusion of important cultural heritage and disregard of traditional customs and beliefs. In other ways, it promotes the appearance of a single culture common to all individuals living in different regions. I think it is one of the negative aspects of globalization as it eliminates diversity peculiar to our world and deprives people of their roots. Additionally, I believe that convergence in cultures is the key to the further development of our society and its elimination will mean stagnation and lack of fresh ideas.

At the same time, there is a set of processes also called cultural differentialism. As I have already stated, the Western culture impacts other ones resulting in the clash of interests, customs, and traditions (Smith 31). It could also be one of the central causes for international and interregional conflicts triggered by radical differences in mentalities and worldviews. I think that these disputes mainly appear due to the fear of absorption or disappearance of one culture under the impact of another. However, the further cooperation and enhanced understanding might help to reduce the number of these conflicts.

Altogether, I believe that globalization is an integral element of the modern society and it cultivates the appearance of new forms of cultural discourse. These processes shape our mentalities and promote enhanced mutual understanding and cooperation at different levels. In this regard, it becomes an essential element of the era of open borders and cultural exchange. Globalization also serves as one of the most efficient ways to stimulate the further evolution of human thought or create new forms of art.

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