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Group Counseling for Children and Disabled People

What are some concerns about doing groups with children?

Working with children is always a complicated process as no matter how long one works with this category and how much experience one has, each time work is a hard affair with a great many difficulties. Working with children, one is unable to reach them using one particular strategy. Children cannot focus too long on one specific issue. Moreover, different levels of development at the same age create additional difficulties. Besides, working with children it is important to change active tasks with pacific ones. Children are to be active and at the same time, they are to be taught discipline. Creating children groups, age is important, however, the level of development and the ability to consume information is more important. It is essential to select the correct group with appropriate mental characteristics.

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Compare and contrast the concerns with children and adolescent groups.

Children’s and adolescents’ groups are different, still, some particular similarities may be noticed. Dealing with adolescents, it is important to remember that they are at a stage of change and their psychological condition is rather unstable. The inability to understand the needs of adolescents as well as the needs of children may lead to an unstable environment in a group that may result in poor work and inability to deliver all the necessary information.

The main difference between adolescents and children’s groups is a numerical one. Forming groups of adolescents, it is possible to organize a group with more participants, while work in a group where many children are involved is complicated and lacks results (Yoo, & Moon, 2006).

What are some concerns about groups with disabilities?

The main peculiarity of groups with physically disabled people is the necessity to form a group in such a way that people with various chronic diseases are to be present. The main idea of such a strategy is to help the members of such a group understand that there are people with other problems which are also serious and these people continue living, working and participating in the social life of a country. The participants of the group are to feel support and do not consider themselves isolated from others. The main difficulty in the work of the disabled children in groups is work organization, especially if children with different disorders are gathered (Livneh, Wilson, & Pullo, 2004).

In reading the Post 9/11 group development, how do you see these types of groups continuing with other world crises?

Post 9/11 group development is to be continued as this is a good strategy for dealing not only with stress after a disaster but also with the strain which is a more complicated disorder. Such groups are to be organized with the purpose to teach people to cope with personal stress in an extreme situation. Moreover, such groups should be aimed at developing awareness of the working set to be able to evaluate the psychodynamic condition in individuals (Roth, 2002).

Such groups are important in dealing with any type of crisis as their basic focus is stress consideration and faster recovery from shock (Kleinberg, 2002). Applying such groups in case of other world crisis appearance, the directed work may be conducted with those who were mostly subjected to psychological stress and risk to suffer from lengthy strain.

What are some issues when working with the adult client in a group?

Work with adults in groups is complicated by the particular individuality of each person and the lack of desire to be led by somebody. Being already formatted personalities, many members of a group want to become leaders. The conflict of interests takes place that may be supported by personal features and character difficulties. Recruiting for a job, many companies refer to group tests trying to understand how good a person may work in a team.

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Group work is important especially when two leaders are present. Moreover, the way how adults behave in a group may point to the main characteristic features of this person. The relation to a leader, the possibility to make decisions, the treatment of minorities, etc. help create a specific vision of the situation. Working with adults, it is important to remember the personal experience of some of the members and the lack of this experience with others.

How do you see a plan to reach the elderly and how do you see the future dealing with group services for them?

Working with elderly people in groups is a complicated issue as on the one hand, age leaves some imprint on people, on the other hand, it is important to make sure that each of the members is appropriately comforted. Group work with elderly people is extremely important in hospitals, especially when the same disease is treated. Moreover, it is essential to create the groups following the specific diseases, otherwise, conflicts may appear. Work with elderly people is a very complicated one as when they appear in groups, they want to have as much attention as possible, especially when the hospital groups are considered. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that elderly people are offered all the necessary services and each one is individually referred to.

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