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Health. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Various non-governmental organizations and governmental agencies contribute to the improvement of people’s lives in different areas, including health care. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a governmental agency that aims to improve public health through research and dissemination of information regarding potential and current health and security threats (“Mission, Role, and Pledge,” 2019). This paper includes a brief analysis of the impact this agency has on healthcare quality and community development.

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It is possible to note that the vision and mission of this institution enable it to improve public health and safety. For instance, the provision of guidelines and definitions leads to the provision of high-quality care (Dascomb et al., 2016). The change of the CDC definition of catheter-associated urinary tract infections resulted in the reduction of the rate of these infections (Dascomb et al., 2016). By informing people, the agency also enhances public health and safety as people are equipped with the knowledge necessary for effective prevention or treatment (Jenness et al., 2016). Jenness et al. (2016) estimated the potential effect of the information provided by the organization on preexposure prophylaxis to prevent the spread of HIV. The provided data would considerably (by approximately 30%) decrease the rate of expected infections.

The cases mentioned above can be seen as an illustration of the impact of the CDC on the healthcare system and the development of communities. The agency develops clear guidelines for healthcare professionals, as well as individuals, that can be instrumental in preventing or treating numerous health-related issues. Communities employ the created guidelines to ensure the safety of people and the improvement of their health status (Behrman et al., 2018). CDC also promotes equal opportunity for thousands and millions as they can use information regarding numerous disorders and potential threats to their health to avoid health problems. Healthcare practitioners also have access to diverse guidelines and information, which improves their skills and helps them provide high-quality care.

At the same time, the organization has to operate in an environment that is not always favorable. For example, some political, legal, social, cultural, and economic barriers exist. The funding of various projects may be decreased or stopped, and the agency’s ability to address some issues may be limited, which leads to the deterioration of some aspects of community life (Behrman et al., 2018). For instance, the restrictions concerning data collection related to gun violence prevent the CDC from analyzing information and providing proper guidelines on the matter. As a result, communities and local authorities have to allocate funds to develop strategies and guidelines to address gun violence.

The adherence to the developed guidelines can also be an issue as some cultural or social factors influence people’s behavior. Individuals may find some recommendations inappropriate due to some religious or cultural reasons, as well as social barriers (such as their status as an immigrant or unemployed). In such cases, healthcare professions, mainly nurses, should address people’s concerns and educate them on the benefits of following some guidelines.

As far as economic barriers are concerned, it is possible to note that governmental funding often depends on various actors and agendas. The case of gun violence research is one of the examples of the potential outcomes of some political processes (Behrman et al., 2018). While politicians try to earn votes by issuing some gun control policies, the CDC is unable to continue research and the development of the guideline that can help in minimizing gun violence in communities. Families and individuals may suffer from such decisions due to the potential threats they are exposed to. Therefore, the organization in question is vulnerable in some way due to the existing political trends, legislation imperfections, and funding decisions.

The implications of CDC work are often far-reaching as they can be manifested at the global, regional, and local levels. Every healthcare organization benefits from complying with the guidelines developed by the CDC or using the data of numerous studies implemented by the agency. Every nurse or community member can use the information to facilitate the development of their communities in the area of health and safety. For instance, people have access to the most recent data regarding such current health issues as COVID-19. Individuals could use the provided data to avoid being infected or remain updated on the situation in the country and their region, which is essential for their health status.

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Importantly, nurses can and should be involved in the activities of the agencies in various ways. These healthcare professionals can contact the representatives of the organization and tell their stories to bring attention to some issues. Nurses can also provide their feedback to their peers in the facilities they work for or through numerous data-sharing platforms. The CDC can be one such platform because nursing practitioners can share information, make their projects known to the public, or simply express their concerns.

In conclusion, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention contributes significantly to the improvement of the health and safety of people. The agency implements studies provides guidelines and recommendations, as well as disseminates valuable data. These activities help healthcare professionals, individuals, and communities to facilitate the improvement of the healthcare system. Although some barriers to the successful implementation of CDC projects are apparent, the agency still contributes to the development of communities.


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